Colts or Chargers: Which team has better players?

  • Colts
  • Chargers
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Colts - 4Chargers
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
Colts are the best!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
colts are awesome!
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
The Colts have Manning, Wayne, Garcon, Clark, and Vinateri. :)
Colts are the number one team in the NFL.
2.Vikes(all around awesome)
3.Pats(Brady leads the team to victory)
4.Saints(awesome D)
5.Cowboys :((hate em but i gotta say it,but again, they cant win a stinkin game!) Thanks :)
  • Anonymous . 3+ yrs. ago
colts are good
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