Diesel vs. Wrangler

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Difference between Diesel and Wrangler

Diesel is a line of clothing from an Italy that was originated in 1978. The clothing line is focused on the market of your adults and offers jeans that are pre-ripped and torn. Specifically edgy and designed with the creation of culture in mind instead of blindly following fads, Diesel is truly a brand with its finger on the pulse of youth.

Wrangler is a clothing line that primarily makes denim-clothing products with production facilities around the world. Wrangler jeans were innovated with the creation of their first jeans in 1947 by incorporating the zipper fly, rear pockets designed for rodeo cowboys, and strong tacking in the crotch rather than a metal rivet.


History of Diesel and Wrangler

Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied began the Diesel clothing line as a team, but Rosso became the sole owner in 1985. In a bold move, Rosso hired a former clothing designer who was fresh out of college where he majored in fashion. Wilber Das took the Diesel apparel company and made everyone on a global scale take notice of the up and coming company.

A young man from Tennessee, who left home for North Caroline in the late 1890s, formed the Wrangler. Of course, it was not called Wrangler at first, but rather the Hudson Overall Company. C.C. Hudson changed the name of the business to Blue Bell Overall Company in 1919, and when the Casey Jones-Work Clothes Company was acquired in 1943, the company received the rights to the brand name Wrangler.

Products and Brands

Diesel has not only the Diesel brand name, but also Diesel Black gold and Diesel Kid. With handbags, shoes, and undergarments, Diesel is an apparel line that truly has something for everyone. Diesel has licensed collections of jewelry, by Fossil, and fragrance, by L'Oreal, Diesel is proven collaborator and innovator.

The Wrangler jeans line was established in 1946 as a product that would be marketed for cowboys. The workers at Blue Bell Overalls decided in a contest to call the jeans "Wrangler", which has become equal in meaning to "working cowboy".

In the 1970s, Wrangler jeans were the style of young adults across the globe and the Pro Cowboys Association endorses Wrangler jeans as their official brand of jeans.

Marketing and Advertising

Diesel's Creative Director, Wilbert Das, worked for the company from 1988 until 2009. Practically every aspect of the marketing direction was in his hands. Under Wilbert's direction, Diesel became the first clothing brand that used video games to market their products. When Wilbert left the company in 2009, it was due to a falling out with the CEO of Diesel.

Wrangler's marketing strategy has always been to capitalize on their image of a western-style cowboy brand. Rugged and dependable, Wrangler jeans embrace their history of long wearing denim products that look as good while you are working as when you are playing.

Summing Up

Diesel and Wrangler are both makers of popular and stylish jeans. However, each company has its own unique style. Aimed for the cowboy, or western customer, Wrangler jeans are an iconic and lasting tradition. Comfortable and long-lasting, Wrangler jeans are a brand that is available worldwide.

Diesel brand apparel and accessories is a company that is always a step ahead in terms of fashion. For over 20 years, Diesel has been leading the way in exactly what young adults and teenagers are looking for. The image of Diesel has long been synonymous with urban traditions and a lifestyle on the edge.


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