Jet Lag: Causes, Remedies and Management

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Difference between Jet Lagged and Rested

Jet lag is best described in contrast to feeling rested. Jet lag is a syndrome in which a person's circadian rhythms are disrupted. When a person travels by airplane for a long distance, it typically results in the condition known as jet lag. While not everyone is affected by jet lag in the same way, to feel 'jet lagged' is to feel basically fatigued and disoriented.

Rested is the condition of feeling as though you have had enough sleep. To be well rested essentially means that you feel you have had a long enough period of sleep as well as a good quality of sleep. Most people feel that they are rested after they have slept for several hours on a comfortable bed in temperate conditions.

Jet Lagged

Causes of Jet Lag and Rest

Most people feel jet lagged after a long flight that has traversed many time zones. People who drive long distances might also experience slight jet lag, but the symptoms are normally much less exaggerated. Jet lag is caused by the body clock coming out of sync. When a person must adjust their body clock to being awake when they are normally asleep or vice versa, the body cannot normally adjust to the change as quickly as necessary, bringing on feelings of jet lag.

Rest is a feeling of relaxation and ease. It can be caused by sleeping or even by simply disengaging from busy activity. A person can feel much rested after spending a few hours reading a book or watching television. Typically, the feeling of being rested is achieved by relieving your brain of stress for a period.

Remedies of Jet Lag and Methods of Rest

Jet lag is said to take as many days to recover from as the amount of time zones you crossed. For example, a flight from the middle of the United States to London, England might take as much as five or six days to recover completely from and readjust your body clock, as there are six hours of difference in the time of day.

Becoming rested can be accomplished in many ways. Some people are able to feel rested after a few minutes of deep breathing or a quick walk around the block. Other people might need a short nap or a long sleep. Music has been found to increase levels of rest in many people, with classical music being the favored form.

Management of Jet Lag and Rest

Jet lag can be managed if you take certain steps before, during, and after the flight. Before the flight make sure you are well rested and have been following a routine of normal exercise and healthy eating habits. Start to adapt yourself to the upcoming time zone change if possible. During the flight, drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Stretch your legs as often as possible. Try to sleep on the plane if it is nighttime at your destination. Finally, when you arrive, try to eat and sleep at the same time as everyone else.

Rest is a necessary component of healthy living and should be managed by scheduling your day so that you have normal periods of rest throughout your day. A few minutes of relaxation here and there will go a long way in keeping you feeling rested. Make sure that you are receiving at least six to eight hours of quality sleep each night as well.


Jet Lagged

  • Feeling jet lagged is the condition of your body clock being out of sync with the time zone you are in currently.
  • This is a common condition of people who have flown long distances, and typical symptoms are fatigue or insomnia.
  • There is a common idea that when people travel from west to east it causes worse jet lag than flying from east to west.


  • Feeling rested is the condition in which your body is relaxed and at ease.
  • Rest is necessary for all living creatures and the amount of rest you receive each day has much to do with your temperament and ability to accomplish your goals.
  • Rested people are far more productive and happy than people who have not received adequate rest.

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