Lane Bryant vs. Avenue Clothing

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Difference between Lane Bryant and Avenue

Lane Bryant and Avenue are both stores that offer clothes that are catered to the plus size woman. Though both stores are distinct in that they only cater to those women of plus sizes, there are still many differences between the two such as the cut and size of the plus clothing that they offer, the types of clothes that they offer, and the price that these clothes usually run the consumer.

Cut and Size

When anyone is shopping for clothes, they know that the numbers that represent the sizes of these clothes are basically a guideline. No size 14 is going to be the same at every store, though they should be somewhat similar in size. One of the biggest differences between these two stores is that the cut and size of their clothes that they offer. Lane Bryant offers clothes that most women find to be in adjacent to the size that they normally wear. Meaning that the cut and fit are most like those that they have at home in their closets.

On the other hand, the clothes that are found at Avenue are often much bigger than what women are used to. Meaning that a woman wearing a size 18 may find that she has to purchase a size 14 in order to get the same fit that she is used to having.


The offerings of a store refers to the merchandise that they carry. Lane Bryant has a number of choices for women who are looking for plus size clothing, including pants, shirts, dresses and even underwear that is made for the plus size woman. However, in many Lane Bryant stores they will find shoes, purses as well as jewelry that can often accessorize the clothes that the store offers.

Avenue stores offer the typical clothes such as the pants, dresses, suits and so forth. As well as offering bras, and accessories. They also offer outerwear, which is something that not every Lane Bryant store will carry and something that most women are eager to find in a store that caters to their size.


The prices of the merchandise in the store is one of the main reasons that people will shop at a specific store. Though, both Lane Bryant and Avenue are considered to be the top competitors in the plus size market, the prices that they offer differ considerably. Lane Bryant during most times of the year will have pants for around twenty dollars. While Avenue may charge thirty or forty dollars for the same kinds of pants. In addition, other items at Lane Bryant are also at a much lower price than those found at Avenue. For example, the bras that Lane Bryant carries usually cost around twenty dollars or so, while Avenue has prices more similar to a much larger lingerie store.

Similarities and Differences

  • Both Lane Bryant and Avenue are great places for plus size women to go in order to find clothing that fits them perfectly rather than having to settle for what other stores offer.
  • Clothing at Lane Bryant seems to run much truer to size, while Avenue clothing runs bigger meaning that women can ultimately buy a smaller size to fit.
  • Avenue stores may offer more clothes to choose from then Lane Bryant, depending on the store location.
  • The price of Lane Bryant clothes are usually slightly cheaper than those that are offered at Avenue, especially when the store is running specials and sales.


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