Vision vs. Strategy

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Difference between Vision and Strategy

Vision and strategy are both important factors in planning anything, whether it be a business plan or a plan for a house. They are both fundamental in making the idea reality. However, even though they are both considered the same type of aspect, and are often confused for one another by even seasoned professionals, they are greatly different from one another. They vary in how they are achieved, the timing in which they occur when planning and the meaning for others that each term holds.

How they are Achieved

Though vision and strategy are both achieved during the planning period, there are several ways in which they differ in how they are achieved by the person. Usually a vision occurs form some sort of inspiration, for example a new product may be inspired by a problem that the person has on a daily basis. On the other hand, a strategy is developed through implementing an idea. The person may now know what they want, so they lay out the step-by-step plan of how to get to the end goal.


The timing between vision and strategy is the biggest difference between the two terms. Vision occurs before there is any kind of plan or idea in place. A vision usually occurs when the person has some sort of inspiration, which is even before they make the idea to come up with a new product or idea. The strategy follows after the vision. The strategy is only able to be put into place once the vision is achieved since the strategy relies on the vision to know what steps need to be taken to get to the goal.

Meaning to Others

Another huge difference between the two terms is the meaning that that they have to others. Vision is often a subjective term to many. What one person visions is not exactly the same as the other person involved since they each have different ideas of what should be and what could be. The strategy is a plan that is set forth with ideas of how to get to the end goal, this aspect may be debated highly among those involved, however, it involves planning the steps to get to the end goal. The steps are spelled out, so there is less likely a chance for confusion than when it comes to explaining a vision that a person has.

Similarities and Differences

Though the two terms, vision and strategy, are often confused for one another, they really rely upon one another in order to reach the end goal that the person or team is trying to achieve. Since they are dependent upon one another, the differences between the two need to be realized.

  • Visions are usually brought to the person in their own mind from some sort of inspiration, thus it is many times different from one person to the next.
  • Strategy is the step-by-step instructions that is used to get to the final goal that the person has in mind, and is set steps so there is less confusion.
  • The vision is the first thing to occur and from this vision the person can develop the strategy to achieve the goal.

Which business concept is easier to explain?
  • Vision
  • Strategy

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