Army Football vs. Navy Football

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Difference between Army Football and Navy Football

Football is a sport that is characterized by fierce rivalries, but few are more passionate than that which exists between army football and navy football. Possibly because they are both destined for eventual alliance, but the traditional football rivalry between both honored institutions is the stuff of legend, as you will see in this comparison article.

What It Is

Every year, teams from the United States Military Academy and United States Naval Academy compete in a fiercely contested college football game. In fact, these games are part of the longest running college football rivalries. Each of these teams represents the oldest officer commissioning sources of each respective service. The games therefore symbolize the rivalry of these different branches of the United States Armed Forces. The winning team wins the Thompson Cup, which is named after Robert M. Thompson.


The Army-Navy Game, as it has come to be called, was first played in 1890. Since then, it has been played in numerous locations around the country, although Philadelphia is where the game has been played most often. Philadelphia is roughly the "middle ground" from the two academies, geographically speaking. The game has also been traditionally played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, although it has since been changed to the second Saturday of December.


While the games where previously the source of "bragging rights" for the winning team, the raising of the bar in terms of college football skill all over the country resulted in a reduction of the competitiveness of the both teams. Other factors that have reduced the two team's competitiveness somewhat are the stringent academic entrance requirements, the height and weight limits of the students, and the continuing military requirements of players. Since 1963, it was only in 1996 and 2010 that both teams have managed to win records scoring.

That being said, the game is still televised all over the country to this very day, although this has as much to do with tradition as it does the stature of the games. In fact, many of the games most ardent fans consider these games truer to the spirit of sports competitiveness, since so few players will ever have a chance to play in the NFL. Because all players have military commitments to fulfill after graduation, many are simply too old to play on a competitive level, much less in the pro leagues. One notable exception was quarterback Roger Staubach, a Navy quarterback who went on to play with the Dallas Cowboys, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame after being adjudged MVP of Super Bowl VI.

Current Standing

At present, the navy football team has the edge over the army football team, with an all-time series record of 55 wins, 49 losses, and seven ties. The most recent game played between the two own the Navy team’s 55th victory. Held on December 11, 2010 at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the game was won by the Navy team 31-17.

Similarities and Differences

Army football

  • Composed of players from the United States Military Academy

Navy football

  • Composed of players from the United States Naval Academy
  • Won the most recent game with a score of 31 -17

Army Football and Navy Football Video

Which football team is better?
  • Army Football
  • Navy Football

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