Will Smith vs. Denzel Washington

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Difference between Will Smith and Denzel Washington

Will Smith and Denzel Washington are two of the most charismatic leading men in Hollywood, so it is hardly surprising that they would be two of the most successful as well. Both responsible for raking in millions of dollars at the box-office, these two film legends are the subjects of this comparison article.

Will Smith
Denzel Washington


Will Smith was born Willard Christopher "Will" Smith, Jr. on September 25, 1968. He is an American actor who has also found success as a film producer and a hip-hop recording artist. As an actor, Smith has had a remarkable career appearing on television and film.

Denzel Washington was born Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. on December 28, 1954. Washington is also an American actor, and like Smith has found success as a film producer. In addition, Washington is also a screenwriter and a director.

Career Beginnings

It was in the latter part of the 1980s that Will Smith first burst onto the scene as a rapper named The Fresh Prince. Success was quick to follow in 1990, when he appeared as the star of his own TV series called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show had a successful 6-year run on NBC and is still in syndication to this day. The mid 1990s saw Smith making a move from television to film, and he appeared in several blockbuster hits. Smith is currently the only actor ever to have eight consecutive films make more than $100 million. He is also the only actor in history to have eight consecutive starring films that debuted at the the spot in the domestic box office.

Denzel Washington graduated from Fordham University in Washington, after which he almost immediately entered show business. His first TV appearance was the made-for-television movie entitled Wilma, which was broadcast in 1977. By 1981, Washington had appeared in his first film, Carbon Copy. A subsequent return to TV by way of the highly rated hospital drama E.R. gave him his biggest career break thus far, and he stayed in with the show for its entire 6-year run. Washington has since appeared in numerous box-office hit films, both in lead ands supporting roles.  


Will Smith made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005, but it wasn't for his acting. Instead, he earned this distinction for attending three premieres within 24 hours. Nevertheless, Smith has received plenty of acclaim for his other talents, including four Golden Globe Award and two Academy Award nominations in addition to several Grammy Awards.

Denzel Washington for his part has received two Golden Globe awards, one Tony Award and two Academy Awards, one of which was for Best Actor winning role in Training Day. Washington was also awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of a Negro soldier in the civil war drama Glory.

Similarities and Differences

Will Smith

  • American actor who has also found success as a film producer and a hip-hop recording artist
  • Received four Golden Globe Award and two Academy Award nominations

Denzel Washington

  • American actor who has found success as a film producer, screenwriter and director
  • Has received two Golden Globe awards, one Tony Award, and two Academy Awards

Which actor gives stronger performances?
  • Will Smith
  • Denzel Washington

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