American Soccer vs. Football: How are they different?

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Difference between Soccer and Football

Whatever you call it: soccer or football you know this sport is globally popular. It speaks to people about the joy of playing, about the thrill of a goal and about working together to reach a common objective. Football is played everywhere in the world from Africa to Australia, from Asia to Europe to North and South America. Crossing boundaries as television broadcasts reach more homes, it has now become a universal sport gaining even more fans each year. To keep the competition spirit alive and to offer professional skills at a top level various competitions are held - some each year, some every 4 years.


Soccer is the name Americans use when speaking about football - when they refer to the European style - as they have their one American football which is quite different from European football. The American way to play is derived from rugby and involves much less foot action. It’s more about throwing the ball to your team player by hand to score a goal just as it is in rugby. Football is the name Europeans gave the game which accurately describes it as involving only feet during game play.


The first soccer match played in the United States was between Princeton and Rutgers Universities in 1869. The European football’s foundation was laid in England in 1863 by the Football Association – the oldest national football association. Until then football was played across the country, but each community followed its own rules which rendered a match between them impossible as they could not agree on the rules and protocol.


In the United States, soccer is not as popular as American football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR racing or ice hockey although it has been played with the same enthusiasm since 1869. It’s star began to shine when the United States hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1994. People were starting to see the sport with different eyes and realizing its major potential. Since then Major League Soccer was created which raised the professional quality a level each year. Fans appreciate this and dedicate more of their free time to go and cheer for their favorites. In this way almost 60,000 people gather to see U.S. team matches. In Europe, football is a very popular sport. Every four years there is the European Football Championship to determine the best national team. England, Italy and Spain have very powerful teams which want the win the supreme title. Between the World Cup and the European Championship, there are inter-club competitions like UEFA Champions League and Europe League to keep the fans entertained.

Similarities and Differences

  • Same rules apply for American soccer and European football.
  • First matches were played in America and Europe in the 1860s after a common set of rules was established.
  • Football is a popular sport in Europe gathering thousands of fans at each match. In the United States soccer began to be more appreciated after the 1994 World Cup which they hosted.

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