Andhra Pradesh vs. Tamil Nadu: Difference between South Indian States

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Difference between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are two south Indian states. Both are located in the peninsular Deccan plateau, bounded by the Bay of Bengal to the east. Andhra is India’s fourth largest state by area and has the second longest coastline amongst all of the Indian states. AP’s capital is Hyderabad and the official language is Telugu. Tamil Nadu is the southernmost part of Indian peninsula and is the eleventh largest state by area. Since 500 BC it has been the home of the Tamil people with Chennai (Madras) is its capital city. TN is the most urbanized state in India and claims eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Andhra Pradesh
Tamil Nadu


Andhra Pradesh is surrounded by Chhattisgarh and Orissa to the north, Tamil Nadu to the south and Karnataka to the west. The coastal region in Andhra is mainly delta formed by the Krishna, Godavari and Penner rivers. Tamil Nadu, on the other hand, has the Eastern Ghats to its north, Nilgiri and the Annamalai hills to the west, Indian Ocean to the south and Pak Strait, Gulf of Mannar to the southeast. Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is the southernmost point of the Indian peninsula and hence the meeting point of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.


In comparison to its share of population, Tamil Nadu has the highest number of enterprises in India and is the fifth largest contributor to India’s Gross Domestic Product. It is responsible for the third largest Indian economy in 2008 and is also the most industrialized state in India. TN holds third position on the list of states with the most Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) approvals and has a network of over 100 industrial parks.

Andhra Pradesh is called the rice bowl of India and agriculture is its main source of income, however, it is rapidly growing in the fields of Information Technology and biotechnology. In terms of mineral wealth, Andhra Pradesh holds second position and accounts for one third of the total limestone reserves in the country.


Tamil Nadu has the second largest tourism industry in India and it is growing at a rapid rate of around 16%. It is controlled by TTDC- Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. TTDC promotes tourism with a tagline Enchanting Tamil Nadu. Botanical gardens in Ooty and Hogenakal Waterfall on Kaveri River are quite famous.

Andhra Pradesh is famous for its religious sites and pilgrimages. Triumala Venkateswara Temple, Birla Mandir, Buddha Statue on Hussain Sagar Lake and Ramappa Temple are some of its most famous tourist spots.

Similarities and Differences

Andhra Pradesh

  • Andhra is India’s fourth largest state by area.
  • Andhra Pradesh is called the rice bowl of India and agriculture is its main source of income.
  • It is famous for its religious sites and pilgrimages.

Tamil Nadu

  • It is the most urbanised state in India and has eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • It is the fifth largest contributor to India’s Gross Domestic Product.
  • Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu is the southernmost point of the Indian peninsula.
  • It has a network of over 100 industrial parks.
  • Tamil Nadu has second largest tourism industry in India and it is growing at a rate of 16%.

Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu Video


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  • pradeep . 3+ yrs. ago

I guess your partial towards TN.

How come you didn't mention tat AP is 3rd largest contributor of India's GDP?

And maharastra is the most urbanized state in India, not Tamil nadu.

And tamil nadu is not second in the tourism industry.

  • Prasad . 3+ yrs. ago

TN is the most urbanised state and not maharasyra

  • Unknown . 3+ yrs. ago

In 2008 onwards TN did overtake AP in GDP.

Know the facts

  • Telugupower . 3+ yrs. ago

U r right Pradeep.ap is 3rd largest contributor to india's GDP and stands 1st in tourism...

  • rajesh . 3+ yrs. ago


  • good boy . 3+ yrs. ago

Andra lacks in tourism it has only countable 4 or 6 players.Tirumala temple alone give most of the toursm ranking except that not so much but in t.n ranges from natural beauty[hill stations-ooty,kodai,valparai,yercaud,yelagiri,topslip,anikatty,western and eastern ghats,beaches,etc]and man made beauty[land of temples,caves,inscriptions,etc.]Hence ap is no compare to tn in tourism.It is only becoz of tirumala temple that ap stands first in tourism!!!!!!

  • Umesh . 3+ yrs. ago

The Most Tourists Place in india is Karnataka , where a pool of Foreghners Visits World Famous Historical place Vijayanagar,Hampi and Mysore , and manymore

  • pawan . 3+ yrs. ago

i agree wit u... In stats Tn has more than 35000 temples in their state..and chennai attracts the most foreign touristers in india 4 last few years, its beat tirumala and

  • Tamilpower . 3+ yrs. ago

@ telugupower u r right..ap is ahead than tn in gdp...if u compare the areas and population of these 2 states..ultimately tn is far ahead than ap in gdp.. Tats y author gave more priority to tn

  • Vasu . 3+ yrs. ago

Tamilnadu is Always Head!!!!By tamil dons Thanjavur

  • Dinesh . 3+ yrs. ago

Tamil than best by pudukottai carebian kings

  • knockout . 3+ yrs. ago

if Andhra Pradesh has its way we can starve chennai without water ....the major source for water in chennai is from AP.....Mind IT....

  • krish . 3+ yrs. ago

In chennai population 30% have andhra mind it

  • Chulbul Pandey . 3+ yrs. ago

Over in india 65 % literacy in ap ,but tamil state they had 84.4% of literacy, and also in kerala state,. 93% of literacy..most of them from andhra pradesh are came to chennai for purchasing and modeling also for education..... Tel any more world heritage in andhara other than

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

Still AP stands top in tourism with 21% as per ministry of tourism....seriously in spite of having many number of World heritage centers TM holds 3 rd position with 15 of share....This is not actual metric that we compare both the states...

  • pradeep . 3+ yrs. ago

..Bodhidharma ..,the founder of Kung fu .,..sorry tamil brother u're rocking now,..

  • Telugu power . 3+ yrs. ago

Tamil is best and sweet forever ...,

  • American's Tamil Pie . 3+ yrs. ago

Indian ocean starts from tamil nadu only... 'KANYAKUMARI is the another gate way of india' says N.T.Ramarao in star news .Ramasewaram bridge is the world's top most heritage in india after that tagmahal,g.w of india and golden temple..Ooty and kodaikanal are also world heritage cities ,.for ap Thirumala for tn thirutani , for tn muruga temple in thiruchi but for muruga what temple in ap wat they had man? Andhra is only favour chilli and grains but they don't have brains... Tamil language covers tamil nadu,andhaman and nicobar ,srilanka ,maurutius,singapore what for telugu

simply LU only (telgu people spoke words that adds letters lu,mu,pu,vu)

cha..cha...wat a ugly language?

  • dare to comapre wid telugu . 3+ yrs. ago

wat ull talk den tamil is an mixed stupid language v all know whole world knows dat in india sri krishna devarai period is d golden period of india dat gr8 person 1ly said dat telugu lang is d better 1 of all indian lang's u r stupid use les tamil includes telugu lang wat u said v r nt havin brain huh? Hw dare u to say lyk dat if u r infront of my ill cut u r tongue ap is d back bone of india in producin rice nd food if it stops producin and sendin water to chennai ull die ugly begge of ap

  • shalini . 3+ yrs. ago

u stupid how dare u 2 compare with tamil

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

Tamil is grt language ....but why Tamil people are so rude? for sure Telugu is sweet language ..and Telugu people are sweeter..wats? fun in beng rude to other and criticize their it a habit of tamil people

  • gudipati srinivasulu . 3+ yrs. ago

Majority people in south speak telugu, telugu people are knowledge to speak any language and mix with other if any telugu guy speak tamil no one can recognize that he is telugu, tlgu people are tamil poets, never excite with any other language guts to guys

  • abi . 3+ yrs. ago

hey u said dat telugu is ugly lang know den wat tamil was u ll read zh as L nd ull use to write desgins s u r lang nd tamil lang till want to develop in telugu der r many legendry nd world famous writters in tamil? U r lang wanna develop 4 eg. All world ll say viswaganesh bt u stupid ppl ll say viswaganeshan u dnt ve words to stop in ganesh so only adding n blody ''beggers''

  • shalini . 3+ yrs. ago

all words u used for tamils are same 2 u.

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

U **** on Telugu ...I sit on this all necessary...u are letting some one to **** on tamil by shitting in their lanuage...

  • apt . 3+ yrs. ago

no thanks

  • Rajasekhar . 3+ yrs. ago

worlds worst language is Tamil

always sambar ponna amburam kuundan meenan what like this

You know the rank of telugu in world 16th but tamil 19th

  • Rajasekhar . 3+ yrs. ago

Black and poor Tamil people

  • shalini . 3+ yrs. ago

u r all dark blacks stupids.

  • shalini . 3+ yrs. ago

its not world's worst language it's world's first language. did u understand golty???????????????

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

As the people of worlds fist guys should behave well.

  • rajesh . 3+ yrs. ago

daffa tamil jaihind

  • vivek . 3+ yrs. ago

haha!! stop foolin around!! telugu is a nice language but keep in mind that it emerged from tamil... v are ur GOD FATHERS....!!

  • thiagu . 3+ yrs. ago

Super!!! also fact!!

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

Telugu people are so generous and down to earth people ...we give and take respect ....that is proved with NTR's words...World knows the sweetness of Telugu and Telugu people...Sollunga and many other words are slang words in Telugu ....

  • apt . 3+ yrs. ago

idiot respect the language

  • Tamil Vazhga . 3+ yrs. ago

Most of them telugu heros are born in chennai telugu people u can't say ths is wrong... Bcoz, this s true only....Andhra is based on TN forever

  • shalini . 3+ yrs. ago

super !!!!

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

most of Vijay's films are direct copy's from Telugu ...and watching them is a punishment...

  • nagachaitanya . 3+ yrs. ago

Andhra is famous for peddapuram(red light village all are f***d women) . This village also famous for world wide heritage

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

peddapuram is completely cleaned out and it has all it's qualities to become a world heritage center it has got 4 engineering colleges ..Its a educational center produces more than 2000 engineers every year ...

  • m.venkatesh . 3+ yrs. ago

Andhra pradesh is famous for its adaptability.Tamilians are not adaptable so their growth is less compared to andhrapradesh. Andhra pradesh is divided from tamilnadu and now it has dominated the tamilnadu in many aspects, what a shame on tamilnadu?.Andhrapradesh is the best state in india.

jai andhrapradesh.

  • shalini . 3+ yrs. ago

doesn't know what's happening around the world and telling rubbish that AP is the best state in India. it's silly.

  • shalini . 3+ yrs. ago

it's shame for u only who belongs to AP

  • Fact . 3+ yrs. ago

Shame to share border with you guys ..shame that we were together some time back

  • jakka . 3+ yrs. ago

puppy shame

  • vivek . 3+ yrs. ago

dude!! plz know the facts before u speak out.... andhra is a good and friendly state but not the best state!! maharashtra is number 1... followed by TN and AP.... TN is the most industrial region in india... GDP of chennai is twice that of hyderabad.... :-). and chennai is a main metro city for india. in the west it is mumbai, in the north it is delhi, in the east it is kolkata and in the south it is madras.... this is well known to all

  • jakka . 3+ yrs. ago

jai jakkamma

  • srikanth . 3+ yrs. ago

We have lot of things in common.

we have beggars on our streets(Chennai and Hyderabad)

We have people who live on roads

We have slums

we have poverty

we have our highly polluted cities

we have our villages lacking basic facilities even after our

65 years of independence.

And finally we have lot of rajas(scam raja) and lot of rajus(ramalingaraju)

in both the states as in the country.

Recently UNDP has ranked 134th in a total o3 187 countries in human development index and silly people are arguing who is more great in this situation.If we think like this we will degrade more.

We should stop thinking with a narrow mind and comparing on silly things.

We should do a lot together and develop our country and make a developed INDIA from a developing one.



  • Raj . 3+ yrs. ago

I am a big follower of this site. Needless to say this is one of the best comments I have seen so far.

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