Lindsay Lohan vs. Britney Spears: Stars With Trouble?

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Difference between Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears

At a certain point in an illustrious career, some celebrities begin to indulge in excessive alcohol usage or drug abuse. A few have said that this helped them to forget about painful memories. Others searched for the feeling given to a performer by a big audience. Regardless of the reason, their lives were changed for the worse by the use of illicit and toxic substances.

Some realize that they need to stop and take immediate action before everything is lost. In most cases, treatments does work if the individual is personally determined to change their own life and gets support from the people they love.

Case in point, celebrities Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have dealt with this issue privately and, unfortunately, publicly.

Lindsay Lohan
Britney Spears

Drug abuse

Lindsay Lohan is thought to have begun using drugs in 2007. She knew about cocaine from her father who was known to be a former addict. The actress declared to the press that she wanted to try it out. Using cocaine in combination with alcohol she searched for a way to get over the problems her parents faced for years. She also took sleeping pills which cause hallucinations as well as other mind altering substances. Lindsay Lohan was scared by the effects of her addiction and chose to get herself admitted at a rehab center in Los Angeles. She stayed there for thirty days. Lindsay relapsed a year later and went to a rehab center in Malibu for six weeks. Shortly after that she was again found driving while drinking and in possession of cocaine which led to her admission at a rehab facility in Utah.

Britney Spears apparently married a childhood friend while drunk in Las Vegas in 2004 which resulted in an annulment the following day. Later that year she was married to someone else and pregnant and starring in a TV reality show which exposed her penchant for partying. She took drugs and was admitted for a day in a rehab facility after her divorce. She continued to party with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton after this episode. There were more awkward moments to follow where she appeared half naked at different venues. Her drug and alcohol abuse issues led to her losing the custody of her two sons. In 2007 she entered rehab and in 2008 was admitted to psychiatric ward. Her 2010 performance in Glee drew criticism for her seemingly endorsement of public masturbation, narcotics abuse and high school burlesque.

Drunk driving

Lindsay Lohan hit a tree while she was driving under the influence of alcohol. She blamed the paparazzi for pursuing her which led to the accident. It was then that the police also found cocaine in her purse. The second time, two weeks after she checked out of a rehab facility she was once again arrested for drunk driving. Britney Spears, conversely, was not found driving while drinking.

The Future

Lindsay Lohan wants to put aside her drug and alcohol abuse issues and start filming again. She already has a project underway where she will portray an adult film performer.

Britney released a new album ‘Circus’ in 2009 and promoted it in a world tour.

Similarities and Differences

  • Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears took drugs and followed rehab programs.
  • Lindsay was caught by the police while she was driving drunk. No such case was reported for Britney.
  • Lindsay Lohan prepares to play a part in an upcoming movie. Britney released the album Circus and went on a world tour to promote it.


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