House MD vs. Grey's Anatomy: What's the difference?

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Difference between House MD and Grey's Anatomy

The time has come when TV dramas have taken over our lives and we stay hooked to our television sets. We wait for the time and day for our favorite serial to arrive so that we can laugh with them, cry with them and share every other emotion that they portray. Similar is the case when it comes to hit TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy and House M.D, as they make us go through a crazy roller coaster of emotions! Following is an analysis to see who does better in a comparison between these two Medical-related soap operas.

House MD

Character Fascination

A lot of fans and followers noted that House MD initially had no characters developed for at least 2 seasons. The main thing was to focus on the cases that were brought in the hospital and therefore, the story revolved solely around these cases. After a while, they did start to bring about a change when they introduced characters. On the other hand, Grey’s Anatomy is all about the characters and cases as well. The cast is changed every now and then and we get a handful of new people and let’s not forget, new nicknames. One is sure to find every McDreamy and McSteamy and the credit goes to Grey’s! All these characters were somehow linked to the main story in the drama all the while having stories of their own as well.

Love Stories

Where House has just a few love stories going on such as Cuddy and House getting comfortable, Grey’s anatomy is all about love, sex and romance. It gets a bit non-serious, as every one is most likely to have slept with every other person that we are well aware of on the screen. It gives a typical Soap Opera touch to the show but who doesn't have their fingers crosses whenever Meredith and Derek are seen together and wish for a story as wild as theirs. However, the most unexpected happens when you watch Grey’s as the love seems to be always in the air for those characters.

The Story

When we talk of House MD, you will get a story that is most suitable for this type of show it is. If you yourself are a medic, you should prepare yourself for surprises at every nook and ending. On the other hand, Grey’s shows a more real-to-life story of the interns and their lives beyond the blue uniform. “Yes, we are doctors but we do lead normal lives too!” Where House has a more serious side to it, Grey’s shows a life and reality that doctors have too!

Similarities and Differences

Grey’s Anatomy and House M.D are the closest many of us have been to an ER or any type of operating scene and they have us twirled around their fingers. However, Grey’s Anatomy leads this race by a mile because:

  • One finds it easier to get involved in the lives these people lead as their professional and private sides both are open to us.
  • With a serious side to every case, a normal life leads for every individual and still, like House, we do have an emotionally turmoil going on but we also have a personal feel to it.

Which TV show makes you laugh out loud more often?
  • House MD
  • Grey's Anatomy

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