Tron vs. Matrix: SciFi Movies Compared

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Difference between Tron and Matrix

In the world of sci-fi movies, Tron has a reputation that is simply hard to beat. A noted classic revered by many generations, the venerable sci-fi action flick is set to wow a new generation of fans with its hot, new sequel called Tron: Legacy. How does it compare with that other sci-fi classic the Matrix? Let's see! 



Tron: Legacy is a sci-fi film slated for release in December 17, 2010. Produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Tron: Legacy is the much-awaited sequel to Tron, which was released in 1982.

The Matrix is the first installment in the Matrix series of movies, which includes Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions. Released in 1999, The Matrix is a sci-fi film directed by the Wachowski brothers, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Hugo Weaving. The film is also the basis of a franchise that includes comic books, video games, and animated TV series.


Tron follows the story of Sam Flynn, who for thirty years had been seeking answers to the disappearance of his father Kevin, who vanished under mysterious circumstances. When Sam is sent to investigate a page that came from an abandoned family arcade, he suddenly finds himself right smack in a digital world called “The Grid”. Here, he finally meets up with his father, with whom he must now find a way to get home with the help of a digital warrior named Quorra. The journey home is not an easy one however, and along the way, the group has to go through various enemies, the most formidable of which is CLU 2, which is a maliciously updated version of the original hacking program developed by Flynn.

The Matrix for its part revolves around a future in which humans are kept under control by means of a simulated reality created by machines. All humans basically serve as energy sources for these machines, until the protagonist–a computer programmer named "Neo"–discovers the truth. Neo then becomes involved in a rebellion against the machines, along with others who have since escaped from the shackles of the artificial world that the machines had created. All throughout the different Matrix movies, various references to cyberpunk and hacker subcultures are introduced, along with numerous philosophical and religious concepts.


Tron: Legacy has received generally good reviews from critics, particularly with regard to its visuals, musical score, and various other details. The excitement of the movie was generally considered to be above reproach, although a fair amount of criticism has been leveled against its screenplay, acting, and characters.

As for The Matrix, reviews have generally been overwhelmingly positive, with the first installment garnering praise for its combination of Hong Kong style action sequences, and ground-breaking special effects. Matrix: Reloaded was also equally praised, particularly for its action sequences and the intelligence of the storyline. Matrix: Revolutions wasn't quite as warmly received by critics however.

Similarities and Differences

Tron: Legacy

  • A sci-fi film slated for release in December 17, 2010
  • The much-awaited sequel to Tron
  • Received generally good reviews from critics


  • The first installment in the Matrix series of movies
  • Reviews have generally been overwhelmingly positive

Tron Mashup with The Matrix


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