Carmen Electra vs. Pamela Anderson: Hot Celebrities Compared

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Difference between Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson

It is a battle in which we are torn between the elite of Baywatch as two of the hottest women of the show stand in comparison with each other. Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra have made themselves amongst the sexiest women today by maintaining their figures through diet, exercise, charisma and perhaps surgeries. Whatever it is, they have been named the sexiest women alive repeatedly by magazines, countdown shows and what not. These women have marked their presence in the industry on their individual attempts whether it is at the Playboy mansion or in the arms of Tommy Lee, they know what they are doing and they know how to attract the media towards themselves like a magnet.

Carmen Electra
Pamela Anderson

Who Is Sexier?

Both the women have had a wild reputation of having slept with numerous celebrities and therefore are now touted as the sexiest ladies in the industry. With the exaggerated curves of their bodies and the number of surgeries, one stands to judge who is the sexier one. Pamela famously admits to repeated surgeries she has had and therefore Carmen wins this war of being sexy since she is bent more on the natural side of sexy. It is because of the uncountable breast implants that Pamela has had that today she is not even anywhere close to what Electra has to offer. Public asks for sexy, not absurdity!

Their Looks

Height has always been an issue for women and Pamela Anderson wins this battle as she overshadows Carmen by four inches. However, Pamela’s excessive use of make up has made critics speak out negatively that she has, in effect, an extra ordinary fake look whereas Carmen is the brown-haired woman with the tanned look who drives men wild with even the little makeup she uses. It is because of the subtle sexiness that Electra has that she stands in competition with Anderson.


Where Pamela is often portrayed with the two faced personality usually shown in shows like ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘8 Simple Rules’, Carmen Electra is winning this battle where the spotlight hits her and makes her more famous than Pamela Anderson as more money is spent on the natural beauty in comparison to the makeup stricken Anderson. Pamela is coming back into the public spotlight currently with her exposure on ‘Dancing with the Stars”.

Similarities and Differences

It was a very easy decision to make when we compared the sexiest women in Hollywood Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. Both respectively gaining popularity from Baywatch, the women have made their way through and become individuals famous for whatever they personally give. However, Carmen wins the comparison because:

  • Pamela Anderson is a makeup laid woman whereas Carmen Electra is the brunette with the natural beauty which leads miles ahead in the race because of this factor.
  • She does not have the two faced reputation Pamela has today and is recognized in the lime light without a second glance because of not only the looks she has but the charisma as well.


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