Pixar vs. Dreamworks: Animated Wizards

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Difference between Pixar and Dreamworks

Pixar and Dreamworks are two of the most accomplished animation studios in the world, and they have racked up a respectable number of hits between them. We all love it when two giants go head-to-head however, and that is precisely what we do in this comparison article.



Insects have played a large role in the most popular of these two studios’ offerings, and Pixar’s A Bug's Life and Dreamworks’ Antz (both released in 1998) are certified modern-day animation classics. It must be said however that much of the inspiration for Dreamworks’ offering probably came from Jeffrey Katzenberg, who left Pixar to form Dreamworks immediately afterwards. In any case, Antz is clearly the better of the two, and in terms of funniness, smartness, and cleverness, it simply stands head and antennae above Pixar’s release, which was by most accounts one of the weakest titles in the Pixar lineup. In the insect category therefore, we would have to give the top honors to Dreamworks.  


The battle is more evenly placed in the monsters category, with both Pixar and Dreamworks having released two monsterrific titles. Both released in 2001, Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. and Dreamworks’ Shrek made monsters lovable in a way that few cinematic titles ever have. Shrek is actually DreamWorks' first certified hit, and it set the stage for what was to become the studio’s trademark sarcastic, satirical, and irreverent tone. While Shrek did fare far better in the tills and in fact won the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Monster’s, Inc. certainly was no slouch, and its sheer emotional appeal gave Dreamworks’ own offering a serious run for its money. Which one is the better of the two? We’ll have to leave that for you to decide, as it isn't quite as clear-cut an issue as it was with the insects category. As for us, we would have to give the two equal billing in this regard.


Pixar clearly has the edge over Dreamworks in terms of execution. In most cases, Pixar’s releases are simply better and more carefully crafted than similar offerings from Dreamworks. Their character design is absolutely top-notch, and is gifted with an imaginative slant that Dreamworks' characters simply cannot compare with. The actions are also much more fluid, and it is clear that more thought and effort goes into the animating, the lighting and the special effects. In addition, you somehow get the sense that Dreamworks is often treading the same ground, as opposed to Pixar which simply gets better and better with every release, barring a few clunkers here and there.

Similarities and Differences


  • Its Bug's Life release was one of the weakest titles in the Pixar lineup
  • Monster’s, Inc. won audiences for its sheer emotional appeal


  • Had a first certified hit with Shrek, which set the stage for the studio’s trademark sarcastic, satirical, and irreverent tone
  • Antz is clearly the better insect movie in terms of funniness, smartness, and cleverness


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  • Blake Reid . 3+ yrs. ago


1. Makes better films that suit people of all ages

2. Been in production for longer

3. Won more awards

4. Have cute endings

5. Their films have a bit of emotional moments


1. Makes allot of factual errors in their films

2. Films have humour that suit adults and kids

3. Films aren't as good as Pixars

4. Won less awards

5. Films have allot of mixed reviews


1. Both are Animation studios

2. Both won awards

3. Their films feature Anthropomorphic characters

4. Both are American

5. Final episodes of Toy Story and Shrek were released in 2010

The reason why Dreamworks films aren't as good as Pixars is because the members of the studio are 2012 believers and they believe the world will end in 2012 so they try and finish their films as quick as they can because every second means to them is getting closer to the end of the world. Thats just a joke. Its not true. I don't know exactly why Dreamworks are not as good as Pixar.

  • Boywonder . 3+ yrs. ago

Pixar,hands down there movies much like thier parnet company Disney are timeless.Dreamworks movies don't have that effect.Oddly though as of recent Pixar's Cars 2 and Brave were lackluster,while Dreamworks How to train your dragon and Puss in boots were great.

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