NYSC vs. Equinox

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Difference between NYSC and Equinox

Fitness is an important part of everyone’s life, and the rise of numerous fitness centers across the country is one that is welcomed by hordes of fitness buffs. Among the names that most people gravitate towards are NYSC and Equinox, both of which have their share of fans and detractors. Which one is the right fitness center for you? This comparison article should help.



NYSC offers a variety of cardio machines and strength equipment, along with the XpressLine 22-minute full-body strength workout program. In addition, group exercise classes and personal trainer services are provided, as is swimming pool facilities and squash courts in some locations.

Equinox also offers cardio and strength equipment, and group exercise classes. These classes include yoga, spinning, sculpting, kickboxing, dance, and many others. Some branches of Equinox also offer swimming pool facilities, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, and even juice bars and childcare facilities.

First Impressions

The best thing about NYSC is that there are so many branches all over New York City. There are no less than 55 locations in or near the city, so you will never be very far from one from your home or place of work.

New York Sports Club fees are also quite reasonable, and there is a sufficient range of equipment in all the branches to ensure a good workout. In general, NYSC facilities are also quite clean and maintained regularly. That being said, some locations can get a bit crowded.

Equinox’ facilities are generally clean, well-maintained, and new. In addition, there are always plenty of towels and hair and body products to be had, although you do have it pay a bit extra for the privilege. Some Equinox locations can also get quite crowded.

Pros And Cons

NYSC offers the advantages of a lower monthly membership fee than Equinox, and there are many more locations to choose from. The facilities are generally clean and well-kept as well. The drawbacks to NYSC are the heavy crowds at peak times, the less than enticing group classes, and the small locker rooms in certain branches.

Equinox has the advantage of clean and spacious settings, and the equipment is always new and well-maintained. There is also a wider variety of activities offered, and the staff is generally friendly and very knowledgeable. In addition, the facilities are more complete in certain branches, with more swimming pools, juice bars, and childcare facilities available. On the downside, Equinox is pretty expensive, and crowds can get heavy during peak periods.

Similarities and Differences


  • Offers a variety of cardio and strength equipment
  • Group exercise classes and personal trainer services are provided
  • Many branches all over New York City
  • Fees are quite reasonable


  • Also offers cardio and strength equipment and group exercise classes
  • Offer swimming pool facilities, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and even juice bars and childcare facilities
  • Pretty expensive


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