Rain vs. Snow

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Difference between Rain and Snow

We are going to talk about two different types of weather; rain and snow. It depends on where you live as to whether or not you’ll see snow but everywhere it rains. I have always despised the rain because I never know what is in it. Same could go for snow but it is more pure and frozen and just seems safer. On a hot summer day, when someone has been standing out in the heat and sun all day, they may welcome rain more readily just for the relief from the heat and/or humidity. Snow is the puffy flaky pieces that heaven gives us to cover everything in white and make the landscape so much prettier.


Rain Formation

Clouds are basically formed when a warm front and cold front bump into each other causing steam from water vapor. Just imagine a hot frying pan being splashed with water. Up high in the sky when the clouds become warm, it holds all that water in but when the clouds begin to cool down, it cannot hold the water as much and then the little liquid droplets come out and they have to go somewhere. While tiny drops are falling, sometimes they connect with other drops of rain and become bigger droplets.

Let It Snow

Snow starts in the atmosphere and condenses into droplets much like rain does. The more water vapor being condensed, the bigger the droplet gets. As the it gets colder, the droplets freeze and the more vapor collects, the heavier it gets. As it gets heavier, eventually the clouds cannot hold its weight anymore and presto! You have snow. Actually, the crystals that fall down from the clouds end up melting in a warmer atmosphere and when it melts, the other crystals will stick together; thus making larger flakes. It basically goes through a process of freezing and unfreezing on its journey down to earth.

Pros, Cons, and Similarities

Rain is known to have cause the world's greatest disasters; for instance, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Rainwater can become disgusting and nasty as it flows down the streets collecting up everything that was there before. Trash, mud, chemicals, solvents and other material things have a tendency to mix down with the water thus decreasing its appeal. Other than that, kids like to play in the rain and splash around, get muddy and dirty as a pig and afterwards, there might be a multicolored rainbow in the sky.

Snow on the other hand, can be pretty and invigorating in freezing temperatures. Kids love it when snow day comes and they get a day away from school or just an opportunity to have a snowball fight or build a snowman. Of course there are many textures and consistencies for wet weather including part rain/ part snow slush, hail or freezing rain too.

Similarities and Differences

  • Wet weather is a result of a high pressure system and low pressure system crashing into each other
  • Both rain and snow can be gentle as a breeze or can have disastrous effects
  • Snow is more dangerous on the road than rain is due to slippery roads
  • Rain can kiss a flower or drown a city in a hurricane or cyclone
  • Snow and rain can turn into hail, sleet or freezing rain which can be destructive to umbrellas and people alike


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