First Response vs. Clear Blue

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Difference between First Response and Clear Blue

The miracle of life is nothing short of miraculous, like it or not. Many women have a sense as to whether they are pregnant or not. Some will tell you they felt something happen when the conception occurred. Kudos to those women who know these things without the aid of medical research. For everyone else, knowing whether or not pregnancy has begun can be uncomfortable to say the least. Pregnancy tests are specially designed devices able to identify chemical markers which may indicate pregnancy. They require either samples of blood or urine to establish the current condition of the tester.

Most modern pregnancy tests search for the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin, also known as human chorionic gonadotrophin, which is a glycoprotein hormone produced by the developing embryo. The accuracy of such devices is of 75% for consumers. If they are handled by professionals, the accuracy will move closer to 97%. The range is due to the fact that some users do not follow the instructions properly.


First Response is a pregnancy test which can identify HCG in the urine very rapidly. The strip of the First Response device has to come in contact with the user’s urine so it can trace within minutes if the HCG is present thus indicating a pregnancy. The device is sensitive enough to detect even low levels of HCG.

Clear Blue is a pregnancy test guaranteeing 99% accuracy in detecting pregnancy if it is used on the day the user expects the start of her period. Clear Blue pregnancy tests can detect, in a short time, if the HCG chemical marker is contained in the user’s urine. The strip is highly sensitive due to advanced fertility technology. It can be easily used 5 days before the missed period providing an accurate result.


First Response Early Result can help the user find out 6 days before a missed period if she is pregnant. First Response Rapid Result determines in less than a 1 minute on the day the period should've started. First Response is available in the traditional line test package as well in the digital yes/no format.

Clear Blue Easy Digital allows the user to easily interpret the result and the words yes and no appear on the digital screen after testing. Clear Blue Easy has +/- indicator with a Color Sure Tip which makes it even easier to interpret the result when the color changes. Clear Easy products can also offer a relevant result 5 days before the missed period.

Where to Buy

Both First Response and Clear Blue products can be purchased from online drugstores, grocery stores, local pharmacies and other outlets where health and wellness supplies are sold. Full lists of retailers providing the pregnancy tests can be found online. The fastest and most accurate source for identifying a pregnancy is ultimately at the doctor’s office.

Similarities and Differences

  • First Response and Clear Blue are highly sensitive pregnancy tests which can indicate the presence of HCG in the user’s urine.
  • First Response products offer early and rapid result using the traditional line strip and the digital strip. Clear Blue also can provide early and fast results using the digital strip and the color changing strip.
  • First Response and Clear Blue can be bought from online drugstores, grocery stores, local pharmacies and other outlets where health and wellness supplies are sold.
  • Only the doctor can tell whether or not a pregnancy is underway in the early stages. 


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