Wordpress.com vs. Wordpress.org

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Difference between Wordpress.com and Wordpress.org

Through the years, the products and services that the web offers its users has increased dramatically and almost every business is taking full advantage of the benefits that the Internet offers. One of these benefits is the potential exposure and chance to be known worldwide and the promises of a wide market. Starting up a website isn't easy, but one of the alternatives where you can save a lot is by going to a blogging site. This is where we come to talking about the differences between the websites wordpress.com and wordpress.org. If you look at them briefly, you will notice nothing different from these two sites except the extension name (.com and .org), but there are a lot more to it than you think. Read below to find out more before deciding on which site to use.



WordPress is open source software for blogging and has two products which you can download or register. These are the wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Wordpress.com is an existing website ready made for people who wants to establish a blog site. All they have to do is sign up and they will receive a URL to start working on. Wordpress.org on the other hand is a software which you can download to your own site for free at the WordPress website. This software allows you to fully manage your site and customize it according to your specifications. 


Some of the advantages of using a wordpress.com application are that it is free and the website is already developed into a standard format.The blog you will be given is connected to hundreds of online servers which makes it virtually impossible that it will go down. Also, when you post a blog it is automatically saved by the server and you can find people with the same interests as yours through the friend surfer and the use of tagging. Finally, even if you are using Wi-Fi connection, you can be assured that your log-in details are safe. Wordpress.org on the other hand carries some advantages as well. With wordpress.org, you can have the benefit of uploading themes and plug-ins for your site. You are also entering a great community through this application and you can fully customize your website according to your taste.


Some of the disadvantages of using wordpress.com is that you cannot upload a custom theme and plug-in, although they have more than 70 themes which you can edit and modify. Also, you cannot have access to its PHP code. On the other hand, wordpress.org has some drawbacks as well such as the need to pay a web hosting service, manual backup, manual spam removal, and manual upgrade (in case a fresh version is released)

Similarities and Differences

  • Wordpress.com is a ready made website for blogging. All you have to do is register and you automatically get a domain for free.
  • Wordpress.org is a manually setup website. You can download the application for free and you have to take care of the rest.
  • Wordpress.com is easier to use because everything is setup for you, and you don’t have to pay for web hosting services.

Which website offers more free stuff?
  • Wordpress.com
  • Wordpress.org

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