Sun vs. Moon

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Difference between Sun and Moon

Most people know wake up in the morning light and go to sleep in the dark. However some also assume that the moon has its own light when in reality, that’s not true at all. The sun and the moon are two very different things, with almost no similarities, expect that man doesn't live on either one. One major difference is the amount of light they give off, as well as the size of these two things. While one is a star, the other is just a very large mass.



The sun is classified as a yellow dwarf star and has more mass than all of the planets, asteroids, and moons in our solar system combined; around 99.86%. The sun is so big in fact that it would take 333,000 Earths to equal the mass of the sun. The moon on the other hand is smaller than the Earth and is thought to be a large mass of dense material. Recent bombings on the moon had surprising results which weren't covered very well by the media. In fact, the moon rings like a bell when struck by a bomb. Some speculate that the interior of the moon is hollow and metallic.


The size differential between the sun and moon is a major difference between these two things. The sun on one hand is a huge star that is about 865,000 miles in diameter. The moon on the other hand is a ball of only a mere 2,200 miles in diameter. This is such a huge difference in size that 76 million moons could actually fit into the sun with a little bit to spare. That’s an incredible difference in size between the two.


Another difference between the sun and the moon is the amount of light each one gives off as well as how strong it is. On one hand, you have the sun without which life could not exist in this solar system. The sun provides us with light during the day. The moon however seems to be our light at night; well that’s a wrong assumption. The moon actually distributes no light what so ever, it merely reflects the light of the sun. It’s more like a mirage if you will because it’s just reflecting from the sun, not actually producing much light of its own.


Strangely enough in January 2010, the Internet began buzzing about SOHO images which seem to show large spherical, reflective objects in the corona of the sun.

Scientists are also pondering the reason that light seems to peak through cracks on the lunar surface. Its composition is in question by a few scientists, but not all agree. Some scientists are also puzzled as to why it is so large in comparison to our planet. It is comparatively larger in relation to the Earth than any other moon in comparison to its planet. Recently, photographic evidence has come out showing structures on the moon, which have not been explained by anyone nor are there any plans for humans to investigate the moon in a meaningful way. Strange indeed.

Similarities and Differences

  • Our sun gives life to all forms in our solar system. It our spark of the divine. The Earth also gives and supports life as we know it. Whereas the moon does not support life on the Earth but rather offers a pale reflection of the true sun.
  • Many strange, unexplained structures have been sighted in the sun’s corona and on the surface of the moon.
  • Although many people think the moon gives off light at night, it’s actually just reflecting from the sun.
  • The sun is 76 million times bigger then the moon and much more powerful and severe.
  • Scientists believe that in 4.5 billion years the sun will run out of energy and we will say goodbye to life as we know it.
  • Some sources claim the sun is a living being and the light we see is due to our limited consciousness. In a different dimension the sun is arguably as solid as we are. 

The Birth of the Solar System

The Birth of the Moon

Which one do you know more about?
  • Sun
  • Moon

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