Management vs. Leadership

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Difference between Management and Leadership

In order for a company, organization or even a small group of people to do their tasks correctly, a specific bunch of people should be able to manage the people accordingly. Without management, it is possible that chaos will arise since there is no one to supervise or run the activities necessary. Another important part to effectively run these groups is leadership. One must act as a leader and have the character traits that are needed to influence others to do as they are told.

Advantages of Being Skillful

If you are about to start a small business, there are two key factors that will help your business go in the direction that you want it to point at. Assuming you have the workforce needed to achieve your professional goals, you would still need to assign a specific individual or a group of people to supervise your workforce. The task that they will be doing is called management. With management, you will be sure that your workforce is going to be constantly monitored to reach the desired common goal of your business. It is their job that everyone understands the goal and does everything in order to reach that goal. The last key factor is leadership. If this is a new business, most likely it will be best for you to act as the leader at first till you can find a suitable vice president to perform your tasks on behalf of the company. The leader is the head of everything. You will be delegating tasks to management and in turn they will make sure the workforce are getting the job done. The leader is the most important piece in a business. It's like chess, you’re the king, without you, the game is lost.

Characteristics Of Success

You have to make sure you hire the right people. Let's start with management. This is a job that greatly depends on one's skill and ability to multi-task. The person you assign to do this job must be able to work great under pressure and must be able to do various things at the same time since management focuses on an entire workforce. Leadership on the other hand has more to do with personality rather than skill. Now, there are certain skills you will need to be a leader in a specific field, but its character that makes a great leader. That person has to have great charismatic skills and integrity in order to convince people to do your wishes and share your same goals.

Bad Skills

If a company hires bad or does not have these two key factors, only two words come to mind. Chaos and Failure. Without management, your workforce won't know what needs to be done, hence their skill are not being put to good use. Without leadership, there will be no goal and direction for the company as a whole a reach. Hence chaos will surface which will then end up to the company being a failure.

Similarities and Differences

  • For a business to run at a successful pace, you need to have dependable people running your management team to make sure the workforce are doing the job you require off them.
  • Leadership is something that isn't learned but is developed in a person. One needs to have a certain amount of charisma with them so as they have an easier time influencing others to do their bidding.
  • Management and leadership are dependent on one another as they will not function at an optimum level if no communication is to be done between the two.
  • Good management and leadership are signs of success for anyone.


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