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Difference between SnapNames, Pool.Com and Namejet

Getting the domain name that you want for your site isn't always easy, and it often seems as if the few good ones are already taken. However, there are a few services that make it easier for you to get the domain name you want, with the most popular nowadays being SnapNames, Pool.Com and NameJet. In this comparison article, we take a look some of the relative strengths and weaknesses of all three.


SnapNames was launched as the first commercially available "back-ordering" system for domain names that are still currently registered. The service allows users to purchase a   domain name as soon as it becomes available. The company's main product has been used by thousands of customers in the securing of hundreds of thousands of domain names.

Pool.Com was established in 2003, and it is based in Ottawa, Canada. The company offers users the ability to tap into well over 20,000 domain names that are deleted every day, in addition to a marketplace where customers can auction off domain names or buy or sell them outright.

NameJet bills itself as the foremost domain name services in the industry, with an extensive selection of the most sought after domains on the Internet. The company offers a very easy-to-use interface that makes it a lot easier for users to keep tabs on domain names in which they are interested.


What SnapNames has going for it is a comprehensive set of techniques by which users can obtain available domain names. This is done with the use of technology that has specifically been designed for use by central domain name registries.

SnapNames is affiliated with TelID, which primarily functions as a repository of phone numbers and websites. What the company has going for it is a very easy to use interface, which is quite similar to NameJet’s. The company also collaborates with many other registrars, which greatly increases your chances of back-ordering a domain name.

Pool.Com has the worst interface of the lot and it can be quite confusing. It also seems to have a low rate of success and it doesn’t appear to work in conjunction with other domain name registrants.

NameJet has the best user interface of the three and it provides a lot of information about your account. This company also has a remarkably high success rate, due in large part to its collaboration with numerous domain name registrars.

In Operation

All three services work pretty much the same way, with a network of registrars that they check up on frequently and from which they get as many domains as are available. All three services also offer quick and accurate back ordering services.

Similarities and Differences


  • Specifically designed for use by central domain name registries
  • The first commercially available "back-ordering" system for domain names


  • Was established in 2003
  • Has the worst interface of the lot


  • The foremost domain name services in the industry
  • Has the best user interface of the three

Which domain snapping site is better?
  • SnapNames
  • Pool.Com
  • Namejet

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