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Difference between Inception and Matrix

Are dreams as real as the waking stage of third dimensional life? Is it possible that our thoughts and reactions in dreams are just as relevant to our personal evolution as the decisions we make in  our more predictable version of existence? The dream world has been a matter of great fascination for directors in all times. This may be due to their unexplainable nature as well to the greater amount of freedom one seems to experience whilst dreaming.

Dreams and reality are seeming two separate dimensions which can borrow things from one another creating amazement as well as confusion. Most movie directories have explored this possibility in order to express in an artistic manner their own beliefs on the subject.

The imaginary worlds of movies like Inception and the Matrix may one day be accessible as virtual reality progresses and extensive dream research is performed and is ultimately better understood.



In the movie Inception, a team composed of a dream architect, a forger, a chemist and an expert in extracting information from subjects while they sleep receives a new challenge from a business man. They have to implant an idea in the mind of a subject by manipulating several layers of dreams thus performing a sci fi inspired process called inception. The web of dream states ensures the scenarios needed for the subject to think that it is his own idea, while it is, in fact, suggested by the team. Dreamtime parasites – if you will.

In the movie The Matrix, the reality people perceive is actually the creation of machines which keep people unaware of their current status as life support for the machines. A group of surviving humans based on the last front of Sion fight against them in an effort to preserve the human race, but they also find the One which can lead them. In their attempts they go back and forth from the real world where machines reign to the dream world created for humans. Its as though humans have had their memories of themselves, their reality, their mission as humans erased by the group of ill willed beings. The truth being that only accepting the truth about their diminished condition can lead to freedom.

Back to Reality

To cross the two dimensions of dream and reality, the team in Inception has to force several events such as driving a van off a bridge into the water or an explosion. These provide the kicks back to reality. To go back in the dream state, they connect to a sleeping machine monitored by a third party.

In movie The Matrix, the characters are connected to a system enabling them to access the Matrix through a phone call which is symbolic for ringing.

Death in the Dream

The dream world and reality are connected through the mind of the dreamer. In Inception and The Matrix, the death while in dream state leads to actual death in the reality dimension.

Even the kicks the team in Inception prepares are only meant to wake them up, but if they are too violent, death can occur at any time in both worlds.

Similarities and Differences

  • In the movie Inception, a team of experts tries to perform a process of planting an idea through dream layers. In the movie The Matrix, human survivors fight against the machines to try to keep the community alive.
  • To pass from dream to reality, the team in Inception creates events acting as kicks. In the Matrix, they use phone calls.
  • A death in the Matrix dream corresponds to death in the real world.

Inception Mashup with The Matrix

Which movie is the real game changer?
  • Inception
  • Matrix

Discuss It: comments 1

I am sure Wachowski brothers had "at least" studied about "plains of existence" and other philosophical concepts before writing such a unique story, unlike Nolan who has mixed his own "personal" ideas - which he claims he had at the age of 16 - with some borrowed ideas to write such a hilarious story, full of illogical contradictions! Come on! don't be fooled.

I bet many people may laugh at the ideas they had at the age of 16. The difference is that Nolan has been lucky enough to make a movie out of one of his!

I bet, pretty much like Scary Movies, you can use the "very" same ideas to make a comedy version of inception. The fundamentals of the story has serious issues which make it a "serious" and expensive comedy. Have a look at this:

- Why would you wanna go though all those challenges? Just to plant an idea into some businessman's mind? Come on! Isn't it preposterously hilarious? At least in the matrix, the goal was worth it! They were fighting to save humans. It doesn't matter if breaking down a company affects share markets or not, but for a movie, the goal should at least look worth!

How about a comedy version to plant the idea of "sleeping with a loser" into the mind of a "hot girl"?

Pretty much like what Cragmire did to Peter in one family guy episode, in which he went to Peter's dream and told him a joke for which Peter pooped the bed.

Interestingly, family guy writers seem to be more reliable in this! When Peter is waken up, he says "When you **** in your **** for real". In Inception, if you die in a dream, you wake up!

- A Japanese guy with a phone call can drastically change the course of a murder accusation. HA HA HA. HE HE HE! Even the American government can't do that so easily! Are we still dreaming? Get serious. It just looks "funny"!

- Hey Mr Cobb! You're living in a time that technology has made such progress that you can go to other people's dreams by chemicals, not even computers! Don't you think in that time, you can get an iPhone or connect to a "network" and have a visual chat with your left-alone children?

At least, you wouldn't have to worry about "the invasion of your last moment seeing them not facing you!"

- "We die in a dream, we wake up, but not in this one". How silly! remember in the Matrix, they did all they could not to be killed in the Matrix since the event of being killed in the dream world could be propagated into the real world.

Who really knows what happens to someone's physical body if something happens to their astral, causal, mental or Etheric body in a dream!? Please have a read about it before making a movie out of your own idea.

I have some other interesting stuff about inception but for now let's just spread the idea that

"please don't compare inception with matrix",

because they can't be compared.

"Family Guy" would be a better choice to compare Inception with.

You can't just bullshit people based on the basis that "imagine technology has made enough advance to make it happen".


Inception is indeed a masterpiece from one point of view!

How come a writer think sophisticatedly about awareness in dreams but they couldn't think "enough" to write an "at least unfunny" story based on the idea? Not everyone can simply "burn" such complicated ideas with childish stupidity the way Nolan has done! Bravo, you're a genius!

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