Health vs. Wealth

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Difference between Health and Wealth

Each person tries to build up his life around a core desire. For some this could be finding true love, for others it may be preserving their good health, while other might be driven by acquiring the status of wealthy business men. This is highly influenced by one's childhood. For example, if a child comes from a poor family, he is interested as an adult to have a better life. In order to provide the financial means for himself and his family, he must work very hard which may imply neglecting his health and love life to become a wealthy man.



Health is the human state where physical and psychological parameters are at a normal level. The organism executes its functions without discrepancies which lead to a general well-being.

Wealth refers to a great number of material resources at the disposal of an individual. It can include money, properties, cars, bling, businesses and the like.


For a person to preserve their health, it is highly recommended that we go to the doctor on an annual basis and be subjected to a series of routine medical investigations. This is the best way to detect any unusual activity in the organism which may lead, in the long run, to any number of diseases. In addition to this, a well-balanced nutritional program guarantees that you gain the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other substances which your body needs but cannot produce. Consult a specialist and try to introduce new vegetables and fruit in your diet.

The body isn't the only thing you should be concerned about. Proper attention has to be given to feeling good, psychologically speaking, as well. For this you should get involved in activities which bring you happiness and sense of fulfillment. A person who wants to acquire wealth needs to work very hard and constantly look for new ways to do things in an efficient manner. Once you gather the capital you have and invest in a smart way to maximize your gains and in time you will be able to purchase larger properties, new cars and many other things. Building up a strong team of advisers can also help one make successful, strategic and profitable business decisions.


A healthy person generally has the necessary physical and psychological conditions to work and to become successful or wealthy. A wealthy person might have all the money one could desire but usually has poor health resulting from too much hard work, emotional stress, remorse from any sort of ethical trade-offs, one has performed to reach the current status. He has the financial resources for cures if his condition is reversible.

Similarities and Differences

  • Health is a state of well-being both physical and psychological, while wealth is the abundance of material resources at the disposal of a person.
  • Health can be preserved through good dietary habits, sport and annual medical check-ups. Wealth depends upon hard work and good investments.
  • A healthy person can work and become wealthy. A wealthy person usually deals with health issues due to exhaustion. 


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