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Difference between Punjabi and Sikh

People of the Punjab region on the Indian subcontinent are called the Punjabis. Some of the oldest civilizations of the world have flourished in this region including the famous Indus Valley civilization. In 1947, when the British left the India Punjab region it was divided into two parts, one within India and the other in Pakistan. Most of the Punjabis in India are found in states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh. The union territory of Chandigarh also has a majority of Punjabis. A person following Sikhism is called Sikh. The word Sikh is derived from a Sanskrit word “shishya” meaning “disciple”. Hence, a Sikh is a disciple of his Guru or Teacher.



Sikhism was founded by Guru Nanak Dev. Guru Nanak was named after his elder sister Nanaki and was born in a Hindu family. He was an extraordinary student and grew up spreading his slogan of “Sat Kartar” meaning “He is the only truth”. Sikhism saw a total of ten gurus as the last guru – Guru Gobind Singh said that Holy book noted that Guru Granth Sahib is the Guru for the time to come. The word Punjab is derived from the combination of two words – Punj meaning five and aab meaning water. This is because of five rivers that flowed through Punjab region viz. Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Indus. People belonging to this region mostly spoke the Punjabi language and hence were called Punjabis as are their descendants today.


It is a common misconception that Punjabis and Sikhs are one and the same thing. Sikhism is a separate religion whereas Punjabis can be Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims. Among Hindus, Punjabis can belong to various castes such as Arora, Khatri, Bhatia, Brahmin, Lohar, Majhabi, Rajput and many more. A Sikh is a person who particularly follows Sikhism and follows the instructions as stated in Guru Granth Sahib. A baptized Sikh is obliged to wear five articles of faith – Five K’s viz. Kachcha (shorts), Kara (iron bracelet), Kripan (sword), Kanga (comb) and Kesh (uncut hair). These were basically the basic necessities of a soldier in the time of tenth Guru who stood against the atrocities of Muslim rulers.


Most Sikhs and Punjabis speak the Punjabi language. There may be variations though, depending upon the region to which a particular speaker belongs. Punjabi in West Punjab (now in Pakistan) is largely influenced by Urdu and even has a Persian touch. Punjabi in India is generally mixed with Hindi. Modern Punjabi is sometimes used along with English. Hence to differentiate we can conclude that Punjabis may speak Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu or English whereas most Sikhs speak either Punjabi or English.

Similarities and Differences


  • People belonging to Punjab region in Indian subcontinent are called the Punjabis.
  • Most of the Punjabis are found in states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh.
  • Word Punjab is derived from the combination of two words – Punj meaning five and aab meaning water.
  • Punjabis can be Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims.
  • Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English are major languages spoken by Punjabis.


  • Guru Nanak Dev was the founder of Sikhism.
  • A baptized Sikh is obliged to wear five articles of faith – Five K’s.
  • Most Sikhs either speak Punjabi or English.
  • Sikhs follow holy Guru Granth Sahib.

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  • Punjabi
  • Sikh

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  • Guest
  • pankaj khanna wrote on January 2011

all over punjabi's are totally coward people at the time of war with mugals they shows their cowardness. this is truth they have to admit.

  • Guest
  • ANKUR GANDHI wrote on February 2011

Mr. pankaj khanna aapko shaayad pata nahi hai ki india par hone waale har attack ko PUNJAB ne hi sabse pehle jhela hai aur bahaaduri se saamna kiya hai.. Aaj agar india mugals aur britishers ka gulaam nahi hai to sirf india ki wajah se... Have u forgot MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH ? jinhone khano aur pathano ko Afganistan tak bhaga diya tha. aur MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH ka empire us time INDIA mein sabse bada aur rich tha.. Aur Britishers ke time par JALIAWALA BAGH mein koi foriegner nahi aaya tha apne seene par goliyaan khane...vo bhi punjaabiyo ne hi khaayi thi.. agar punjabi coward hote to BHAGAT SINGH , UDHAM SINGH , KARTAR SINGH SARABHA , LALA LAJPAT RAI , SUKHDEV THAPAR, jaise deshbhakat INDIA ko nahi milte. aur aaj ki taarikh mein bhi defevce mein sabse jyaada punjabi hi hai... aur jaabaaji se lad rahe hai....desh ke liye.. so agli baar kuch likhne se pahle soch lena ki is desh mein punjabi mard haath mein KADA aur KHANDA sirf dikhane ke liye nahi pahante.. ye PUNJABIYO ki veerta ko darshaata hai....

Pankaj ye jo tune likha hai iss baat ke liye PUNJABI LOGO SE MAAFI MAANG LAI....

  • Guest
  • Sarang Mahajan wrote on April 2011

Mr Pankaj Khanna, Idon't know if I am confusing two things but i think you r a punjabi becaues i ws tld tht Khannas r punjabis.I don't know whether u purposely called punjabis cowards so they can fight back and defend punjabi community and this would make u feel nice.Or the other possibility is tht u r nt proud 2 b a punjabi and u r intentionally posting bullshit on this site bcoz calling punjabis coward is like calling lions coward.Punjabis r th bravest.Thnk of Kng Porous who fought Alexandra and defetd him three times and evn though he lost the fourth time he bravely stood in frnt of him.Thnk of Punjabi Hindu ppl sacrificng their oldst son 2 b a sikh soldier in ordr 2 fight muslim solders.Think of Maharaja Ranjit singh fightng the british despte of his weapons being backward.Evn in modern era,Punjbais represent 50% of the Indian army.

Thanz Sarang Mahajan

  • Guest
  • singh wrote on October 2011

mr pankaj my dear brother please go and read the history carefully you will come to know that who r we

  • Guest
  • Zeeshan Ahmed wrote on January 2012

Well for one, there are three times more muslim punjabi's then either Sikh punjabi's or Hindu punjabi's. They were out numbered many times over. Today

there are 76,000,000 punjabi's in Pakistan and 29,000,000 punjabi's in india.

Google it.

  • Guest
  • War On Terror wrote on February 2014

So Pankaj was right, Punjabis are cowards they were not able to defend their religion from the muslim invaders and today when there is no Arab or turkish invader they still follow their religion. What a shame

yeh kya likh diya saale tune tujhe pata bhi hai india kis kaum ki vajah se azaad hua hai ,punjabi are supeirior of all ,the most bravest ,courageous ,religion of india is this aage se kuch aisi vaisi baat mat krna

  • Guest
  • War On Terror wrote on February 2014

Mere khyaal se Bengali or Marathi logo ne Punjabiyon se jyada qurbaaniyaan dee hain. 1857 kee pehli ladai main Sikhon ne Angrejon kaa saath diya thaa.

Pankaj khanna aa ki likhta tusi .........

kujh pata ni tenu .....

anpad hega tu..!!!!!!

Punjabi all over the world bina baat ke famous nai hai....

Ankur gandhi ne bilkul sahi likha hai....

Ankur paaaji sahi gal kiti tusi...

Pankaj aage se kuchh likhne se pehle ye soch lena ki jo comment tum likh rahe ho ye punjabi log bhi parh rahe hai....

aur punjabi log chup baithne walo main se nahi hai......

asi punjabi haan te saanu is gal da maan hai...


  • Guest
  • Amrita padda wrote on October 2011

Mr pankaj kede itihas ch punjabi coward a.jdo ahmed shah abdali india dia mawa bhaina nu laike ja ria c ta udo sirf awaj punjabia uthai c te india di ijjat di rakhia kite c.udo baki hindustani kithe mar gae c.jdo guru teg bhadur ne hindu dharam lai kurbani diti ta udo punjabia to siwa baki kithe hindustani luk gae c. Ms. Pankaj jra dhian maro je punjabi coward hunde ta aj sari dunia ch na faile hunde. Ik gal yad oe pankaj-ZINDABAD PUNJABI ZINDABAD HI REHN GE.

cowardy persson pankaj khanna as all the people above have stated above are right i can prove this to u just come infront of me and i will show the true face of the punjabi okkkkkkkkkkkkk that who r they for what they r famous u the bullshit

  • Guest
  • Shubhjit wrote on September 2013

Pankaj wrote punjabi are coward people. Whatever he was saying, I think he is correct because when mughal conquered india that was around 1400.so what punjabi doing that time.ranjit singh born after 1700.punjabi waiting for him to come and save.i have gone thru history and saying.muslim entered in 8th century tuglak and khilji what punjab region was doing.khastriya dont wait for someone like rajput.ankur ghandhi said ranjit singh had big empire.my question kya woh punjab ke bahar tak tha.brave woh hote hai jinka rajya apne area se bahar tak hota hai.ranjit singh empire was only punjab.so this thing dont show cowardness not braveness, and that time maratha empire was declining.maratha capture half india till north u.p , delhi , haryana and parts of punjab check that.pala empire of bengal captured punjab , pakisthan more than half india in 8th century go n check in wiki n history.marathi, bengali, rajput, maurya and his grandson showed bravery and captured outside terretory.sikh were hindu ..that time dont have anyone to fight because punjabi didnt fight anywhere they were mum like coward.when guru govind singh ji said we will fight in 1600 then from other community people became sikh and helped him.rajput, muslim, saini, jaat, ggurjar and punjabi hindu became sikh.sikh are not punjabi mosty jat became jatt n call themselves jatt sikh.otherwise ounjabi are weak people dont have streath to fight.because of food habit and jat who t jatt now became weak because of oil and ggheedont have flexible body to move quickly. Ankur bhai freedom fighter ginti ke the punjab mai . bengal mae freedom fighter zaada the.jinhone lada hai agar kissi ek community ke baare mae bologe.facts and figure to yehi kehta hai.aur baki dusre state se dekh lo.guru tegh bahudur ne apna sar kalam karwa tha unhe muslim banne ko kaha tha.kashmiri pandit ne help maangi thi.wo pandit log the chahte the guru unse baat kare pur hindu ne help nahi maangi.hindu shuru se khastriye the isliye sabne empire banaya.jis time empire babana tha.punjab ka koi emoire nahi tha.punjabi toh coward hai hi kyunki hindu punjabi mae braveness hai aur na strength hai aur sikg raste pe ladyi hone pe dusre sikh se bolta hai help ke liye sambe wala single hai to ladke dikha yahi to cowardness hai.mere dost bhi punjabi hai sirf bari bari bathe bolni hai tere ye kar dunga woh kar dunga koi darade ghabra jata hai.ye sab chize batati hai punjabi coward hote hai.

  • Guest
  • Shubhjit wrote on September 2013

If any question abiut history ir facts and figure you can ask me

  • Guest
  • Sharad Arora wrote on August 2014

Really, many punjabis converted to islam due to fear. Punjabi hindus and sikhs are brave and Punjabi Muslims are coward.

  • Guest
  • Mohammad Nazim wrote on August 2014

Sharad paaji, ai gal sach aa ke asi pailan hindu c.

Tusi islam baare ai kiddan kai sakde o ke oh darpok han

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