Chicken vs. Egg: Which came first?

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Difference between Chicken and Egg

The domestication of the chicken occurred on the Asian continent in Vietnam. The bird was imported into Greece in the 5th century B.C. and were introduced to other continents as well.

There were 24 billion chickens in the world in 2003 which makes them the most common of the domesticated animals. Most of them can be found on farms where they are kept up to 14 weeks before being slaughtered and delivered to commercial units. In free range and organic farms, they can roam freely outside the hen house, while in intensive farming facilities they live in a contained medium. 


A chicken is an omnivorous domesticated fowl from the subspecies of the Red Jungle Fowl. It usually lives in groups formed of cocks, hens and their offspring. They are unable to fly for long distances as their wings are shorter, but can manage to fly over fences or other small obstacles. Communication within the group is generally noisy as roosters, crow and hens cluck. The crowing is a territorial defense signal.

An egg is the result of the fertilization process. Hens lay eggs which can go through an incubation process or may be removed by humans before this process starts.


Female chickens (hens) are smaller than male chickens (roosters). The rooster has a prominent crest known as a cockscomb and hanging flaps of skin called wattles. The comb of a hen is usually smaller than that of the male. The female chicken also has something called wattles. The chicken's body is covered in plumage of various colors and sizes. Finer feathers cover the first layer of plumage, while thicker and more resistant one define the outer appearance of a chicken. The rooster's plumage is more vivid than that of a hen. They have short wings. Some species of chicken have a sort of beard made up of feathers around the face. Some also present extra feathering around the legs. Their feet are covered with scales. They walk on three elongated thumbs which have claws at the ends.

An egg has a white outer shell color from the calcium carbonate it contains. It has an oval form. On the inside the albumen layer protects the yellow egg yolk.


Chickens are farmed for their meat, eggs and feathers. Chicken meat is highly recommended for diets as it contains less fat than other types of meat. The egg is a good source of proteins and fats. It can be boiled, fried or added in various dishes.

Age Old Question

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Those who claim to know the truth point to advanced physics for the answer. Apparently, both appeared simultaneously into our 3rd dimensional reality.

Similarities and Differences

  • A chicken is an omnivorous domesticated fowl. An egg is laid by a hen after the fertilization process.
  • Chickens have a comb on their head and wattles. The body is covered with feathers and they have short wings. An egg has an outer white shell protecting the egg yolk.
  • Chickens are used by humans for their meat, eggs and feathers. The egg can be boiled, fried or used in several dishes.

Which came first?
  • Chicken
  • Egg

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Ok, So where did the Chicken come from, Matt? :)

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