Ruby Tuesday vs. TGI Fridays: Whose hungry?

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Difference between Ruby Tuesday and TGI Fridays

The United States positively abounds in dining establishments and for reasonably priced food and reliably good quality, two names that often come up are Ruby Tuesday and TGI Fridays. For a wide culinary selection that will surely accommodate anyone’s palate, these two are pretty hard to beat, which is why a comparison is only appropriate.


Ruby Tuesday is a U.S. restaurant chain. It is named after a song by the musical group "The Rolling Stones" and the company that owns it, Ruby Tuesday, Inc., currently has almost 1,000 branches in the U.S. and all over the world.

TGI Fridays–also called “TGI’s” in the United Kingdom and simply "Friday’s" in the rest of the world–is an American restaurant chain with more than 1,000 in several countries all over the world. The chain is focused strictly on casual dining and it is owned by the Carlson Companies.


Ruby Tuesday constantly strives to update its menu and while this may be welcomed by some, it has also caused no small amount of consternation among the restaurant’s regular habitues. The most recent move of the restaurant chain was to update its menu to cater more toward adult tastes, although there are still plenty of selections for children to enjoy. The restaurant chain is also characterized by a more sophisticated and sedate atmosphere.

TGI Fridays on the other hand stands firmly in the casual and informal service. With dim lighting and an esoteric decor that embodies the highlights of Americana, the restaurant chain is definitely a lot more laid-back than Ruby Tuesday. The bar area and music give it a lively atmosphere.


As mentioned previously, the Ruby Tuesday menu is constantly changing, although you can always count on an extensive selection of pasta dishes, sandwiches, steaks, and side dishes. The drinks menu is also equally expansive, and there are even various juices for those who are trying to cut down on their soda consumption.

TGI Fridays menu is even more extensive than Ruby Tuesday’s, and the line up consisting of burgers, seafood, pasta dishes, chicken, and steaks should find–and has found –plenty of fans. TGI's also has an excellent selection of neat dishes marinated in Jack Daniel's glaze. The restaurant chain also has a long list of low-fat dishes for those who are trying to lose a few pounds.

Similarities and Differences

Ruby Tuesday        

  • Used to cater mostly to children, although has now adopted a more adult friendly menu
  • Menu is constantly updated  
  • Is more sedate and sophisticated in approach
  • Offers a wide selection of dishes and a long drinks list
  • Offers pasta dishes, sandwiches, steaks, and side dishes

TGI Fridays

  • Has an even bigger menu than TGI Friday’s
  • Has an extensive selection of low fat dishes
  • Features a selection of meat dishes marinated in Jack Daniel’s glaze
  • Definitely more casual in approach and atmosphere
  • Offers burgers, seafood, pasta dishes, chicken, and steaks


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