Romance vs. Love: How Do I Love Thee...?

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Difference between Romance and Love

Developing a real sense of love for oneself, one’s family, the human race, our planet and all manifestations of the Supreme Creator are the goals of many deeply spiritual people. For most people, love is equated with romance, although there are actually many different types of love. And while romance is indeed an integral aspect of romantic love, it hardly plays a part in the other types. In this comparison article we take a look at the key aspects of both romance and love.

In Relationships

In a relationship between two partners, romance is so often a familiar component during its early stages. Nevertheless, it is just as important when the pair have been together for several years. In fact, it may even be argued that romance is even more essential in the later stages, since it will help to keep the relationship just as vibrant, active and alive.

Love is of course equally important in every stage of a relationship as well, and it has the added burden of being necessary even after the romance has faded. Love is also a key component of relationships other than the romantic type. Parents have and exhibit love for their children and family members, and there is also the love shared by two close friends.


Romance can be interpreted in many different ways, which is something that can be said about love as well. Romantic gestures may include grandiose displays such as a fancy dinner out or a lavish ocean cruise, but it may be something as a simple meal or a warm bath.

Love itself can be displayed by a commitment to provide financial support, accommodation or education, although it is just as easily displayed in a loving caress or a quiet sigh. In fact for some people, simply being close together is enough.


Making a commitment to love is a difficult thing, and it takes someone truly dedicated to see love through even during its most challenging periods. While it is easy enough to love someone when he or she is young and in his or her prime, what happens when the subject of your "love" grows old? If the love is there, then the answer is that the relationship will go on just as strong as it has before.

A commitment to romance is not any easier to maintain, and the challenges and difficulties of everyday life oftentimes gets in the way of anything remotely resembling a romantic gesture. Nevertheless, by taking time to leave a little room and opportunity for romance, it is possible to keep it a constant part of the relationship for a long time to come.



  • Is an important part of a romantic relationship
  • Is easier to maintain in the early stages of the relationship
  • Should be practiced even in the later stages
  • Can be shown by lavish displays or more intimate actions


  • Covers numerous aspects in addition to romantic love
  • Is also easier to maintain at the start of a relationship
  • Can also be displayed by big and small actions
  • Love is the cure. If there is a problem love will always be the best solution.


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  • poetina . 3+ yrs. ago

it seems romance is something i can't escape. it's always painful in the end unless the pearl of love is hidden mysteriously in the mist.

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