Boxers vs. Briefs: Underwear of Choice

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Difference between Boxers and Briefs

Boxers and briefs are the basic undergarments offered for men to wear. They each have some differences and some similarities, but each man usually prefers one or the other. A wide variety of people who wear boxers also wear briefs under the boxers in order to keep them situated and comfortable. Wearing boxers in the heat can cause sweating and are also a tad bit hard to tuck into ones pants or buttoned shorts.  Although generally boxers and briefs are worn by men, as a sideline, girls also are starting to wear them more and more, especially boxers.


Tight or Loose

If you enjoy the tight look and feel then it is very important that you are careful if deciding to wear boxers. Briefs are very tight and wrap around your lower area snug and fit. They can be worn easily under shorts, pants, or swim trunks because there’s nothing baggy about them. Boxers are so loose that it’s important to wear something underneath if you’re going out somewhere that requires a professional look and requires you to be still or active for a long period of time. Boxer without briefs can be very uncomfortable after a while, especially if active.


Boxers can be bought in a wide variety of sizes, colors, designs and even materials. You can find regular cotton boxers, any combination of colors, stripes, lucky charm boxers or basically almost anything you can think of. Boxers also can come in beautiful and luxurious fabrics like silk for a special occasion. Briefs on the other hand come in standard colors like black, white and grey and only in fabrics like cotton. This means that briefs have almost no variety what so ever.


Boxers and briefs although both made to protect the same part of your body, are each different when it comes to being comfortable and lounging around your house. On one hand, briefs are good for lounging because they help to keep your manhood in order and in the right position; on the other hand, they can be uncomfortable because their so tight. Now boxers, are very lose and comfortable for walking around and lounging in the house. The downfall to the lounging in boxers is that if there are no briefs underneath, ones genitals can be in a very uncomfortable position.


  • If you are someone who needs to be comforted with tight undergarments then boxers alone aren't for you.
  • Although briefs may make you feel secure, they don’t have many options for colors or styles.
  • Boxers on the other hand, are full of various colors and styles that can please anyone.
  • Boxers can be bought in silk for presents or just sheer luxury.
  • If being active and you want to wear boxers, wear briefs underneath for support.
  • Briefs aren't the best lounging idea because their too tight, where as boxers are open and free enough to feel comfortable while relaxing at home.
  • Boxers can be worn as shorts or swim trunks, however briefs cannot.


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