AARP vs. AAA: Roadside Assistance

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Difference between AARP and AAA

Roadside assistance is an important concern for any motorist, and the choice of which company to count on for assistance often boils down to cost and features. Of course the quality of services should also come into play and the companies that often come up for consideration are AARP and AAA. Both companies have their own fans of course, but a careful look at their relative strengths and weaknesses should help you decide which one is right for you.



AARP is one of the foremost roadside assistance organizations in the United States and they offer a number of services ideally suited to motorists 50-years-old and older. The company offers various services at huge discounts amongst which are travel packages, hotel accommodations, tourist attractions, dining and entertainment offers, and special airline rates to destinations within the United States and to Canada and the Caribbean. The AAA or The American Automobile Association is probably the most recognizable roadside assistance organizations in the United States with a renown that extends to many other countries around the world. AAA also offers huge discounts on various roadside assistance services, in addition to great savings on airfare, hotel accommodations, tourist attractions, tickets, and car rentals. The company currently has a clientele comprised of millions of motorists from around the world.

Main Features

AARP offers members a "first time accident forgiveness" deal that essentially gives drivers plenty of leeway for first time accidents. The company also offers members a deal wherein rates are fixed for up to twelve-months, which is twice as long as that offered by other roadside assistance services. The company also promises to pay the repair bill and the deductible in the event of an accident that isn't the fault of the driver. AAA for its part offers a comprehensive set of emergency road services. This is particularly useful in the event of car trouble on the road, in which case the company will send personnel to change your tire, bring you gasoline, and/or tow your vehicle if necessary.

Other Services

AARP also offers attractive perks for people that manage to maintain a good driving record. This is in marked contrast to other roadside assistance companies that actually increase your premiums regardless of your performance as a way to offset the costs of bad drivers. AARP even gives you the opportunity to gain more benefits by joining in on good driving classes, which are available online or in a local venue. AAA for its part actually helps you out when you want to purchase a new car. The company will actually bargain for a better price for you and even arrange the financing. In addition, the company will even service your car for the duration of your ownership, and they will even help you sell your car when you decide to get rid of it!



  • Offers a number of services ideally suited for people fifty years old and older
  • Provides great savings on various services and activities
  • Offers discounts on hotels, tourist attractions, airlines and dining spots


  • One of the most widely recognized roadside assistance organizations in the world
  • Offers savings o a number of travel packages
  • Offers discounts on flights, hotels, tourist attractions, tickets, and car rentals
  • One of the most trusted names in travel
  • Has a clientele numbering in the millions

AARP and AAA Video


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  • Idrees Rafiq . 3+ yrs. ago

need your quote foe road side assistance

  • j. mariani . 3+ yrs. ago

i am very disappointed in your customer service. i have had aarp roadside assistance for years. unfortunately, i have had to use it three times this year and now i have

been informed that i cannot use it again for a year.what is insurance for if you cannot use it? am i still going to have to keep paying my dues even though i am not allowed usage?.

  • Walter M. Sands, Jr . 3+ yrs. ago

I have encountered the same notice, 3 times used for jump start, and I can no longer use my card for a jump start My card is still active, or is it?

  • DarBl33 . 3+ yrs. ago

Unfortunately - even on most insurances that have added roadside - there is a limit to the number of uses. Some 6-month policies say 3 max in that term. I think it's just normal - not specific to AARP.

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