Andhra vs. Telangana: Which way is up?

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Difference between Andhra and Telangana

Andhra and Telangana are two major regions of Andhra Pradesh, the fifth largest Indian state by population. Telangana lies in the northern region whereas Andhra is along the coast. The coastline (972 km) is second longest among all Indian states. Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, lies in the Telangana region. Apart from Hyderabad this region has 9 more districts. The merging of these two regions into a single state was never supported by the inhabitants of Telangana region.   



After Indian independence, theNizam wanted Hyderabad to remain independent. It was later captured by the Indian army in 1948 and divided in 22 parts. Nine of these districts were in the Telangana region and the rest in the Madras Presidency (Andhra). Unification of these districts into a single state known as Andhra Pradesh was achieved in 1956 by an agreement called the “Gentlemen’s Agreement”. This agreement wasn’t a complete success and the people of the Telangana region showed their discontent with it. 


Andhra Pradesh is India’s fourth largest state by area. It is situated in the Deccan plateau on the south eastern coast. Four main rivers flow through the state viz. Krishna, Godavari, Tungabhadra and Pena. River Krishna roughly divides Andhra Pradesh into two regions – Telangana, the northern area and Rayalaseema, in the southern part. A third major region is along the coast called Andhra. Among these three regions Telangana has largest area. Kotthagoodem in the Telangana is rich in coal. Guntur in Andhra region is one of the major commercial centres and is rich in cotton and chili.

Separate State Issue

After independence, the Hyderabad state and the Madras Presidency were combined together to form the state of Andhra Pradesh. In 1956, an agreement was made and Telangana was joined with Andhra and Rayalaseema. However, people of Telangana showed their discontent, which culminated in a separate state movement in 1969. In 1990 BJP promised to recognise Telangana as a separate state if it came to power but couldn't keep it due to opposition from an ally, the Telugu Desam Party. According to Telangana people, they faced injustices in budget allocations and jobs as the state’s maximum revenue comes from this region. It is to be noted that 9 Telangana districts were declared backward by the Central Government.



  • Lies along the eastern coast (2nd largest coastline)
  • The region came under Madras Presidency before independence.
  • Guntur in Andhra region is one of the major commercial centres and is rich in cotton and chilly.
  • Vishakhapatnam and Kakinada are the major ports in Andhra region.


  • Region came under Hyderabad state before independence.
  • Forms the northern part of current Andhra Pradesh.
  • Among these three major regions in AP Telangana has largest area.
  • Four main rivers are Krishna, Godavari, Tungabhadra, and Pena.
  • Was combined with Andhra region to form Andhra Pradesh.
  • People of Telangana region showed their discontent against the agreement.
  • Kotthagoodem in Telangana is rich in coal.
  • According to Telangana people they face injustice in budget allocation and jobs as state’s maximum revenue comes from this part.

Andhra Pradesh Theme Song

Which group of supporters should win this decision?
  • Andhra
  • Telangana

Discuss It: comments 18

Just want to say one thing...

"United we stand, divided we fail".

I am from Telangana, sad to see that politicians are playing games with the sentiments of people. Really big shame... AP is formed based on the language, do not divide.

Rightly said, been a telugaite i share the same sentiments. what can be achieved together as compared to other states is enormous. Yes i am for equal developments of all regions irrespective of been baised in what so ever. There should be efforts on part of the governance on this regard.

mano: If you think Government proposed profits can mean welfare to people and availablity of sufficent food, sheltar , education and clothing.. you are completely wrong.

What have telangana got from being united? I can tell nothing?

Ask yourself what is lost? We lost Irrigation land, Culture respect, language respect, job opportunities.. Why do the soo called investors have to invest in hyd why cant they do in there own land. becoz they want to loot the opportunity for there own benefit.

  • Guest
  • fhio wrote on April 2014

ah pikinav po

  • Guest
  • ram wrote on January 2012

yevad ra nuvu.... politicians games aduthunaru anukundam sare. mari students enduku chanipothunaru ra.... manku thindi petani kulallu,basha gurinchi matladi waste.... ani political sideloo chudaku...

  • Guest
  • fhio wrote on April 2014

bisket ra babu

  • Guest
  • fhio wrote on April 2014

Dikku malina comaprisons cheyaku. Kerala,Delhi,Goa,Punjab,Haryana,Gujarat etc are developed states due to smaller area and better governance.Uttar Pradesh,Bihar,Madhya Pradesh,Andhra Pradesh etcs are backward.Ni telivi tellarinatte undhi.Mari atlaithe hindi matlade vallakhi enduku ra 10 states unnai.Hyderabad kosam endukura inni donga natakalu adutharu.Finally the i pray god to dawn some wisdom on you. **** u.

Yes we need Telangana compulsorily because here all the high standard jobs are occupied by andhra people only the lecturers in colleges are also been from andhra then what telangana people must occupy they are occupying low class jobs we are underdogs for them so all the telangana people should think only to have a separate Telangana state only at last "JJJJJJJAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII Telangana"

i m from hyderabad we know about the people struggling for jobs in hyderabad but priority is higher to the andhra people only

yes i agree.

Four main rivers are Krishna, Godavari, Tungabhadra, and Pena.? How many are made available for irrigation? How much of water is used by telanagana farmers? Kotthagoodem in Telangana is rich in coal. There how many people / officier work from telanagana? This blog shows a long view and much of the issue cannot be clear with this long distance view.

  • Guest
  • fhio wrote on April 2014

u r rite dude

Uday i am supporting to your questions. Pls give answers anybody to that questions.Everything is available in telangana but we are not getting chance to use those jobs, water because of andhra's politicians. Already they habituated to loot telangana. Now it is not easy to them to leave us. i am requesting to andhra people that we will divide as brothers.

  • Guest
  • fhio wrote on April 2014


  • Guest
  • chandu wrote on September 2011

Strive for development not for divide, even every state has these same issues, even with separate Telangana people cannot achieve nothing, only the politicians will gain there money and new posts. Until there is a change in this political system by eradicating corruption then only common people will gain.

  • Guest
  • fhio wrote on April 2014

vachindu roi medhavi bisketlu esindi salu saleh. Anni nake kavale ane attitude marchuko mundu(hyd etc.....) tarvata neethi suktulu cheppu.

  • Guest
  • SRIKANTH REDDY wrote on September 2011

in 1956 Telangana state irrigation 20 lakh acres

in 2004 ------->12 lakh acres


TELANGANA------->550 TMC

ANDRA ------->346 TMC



induku kavali maku TELANGANA


proposed irrigation in TELANGANA ----> 5 lakh acres

but ACTUAL irrigation---------------------> NILL

induku kavali maku TELANGANA


PRPOSD irrigation in TG -------------------> 15 lakh acres

but ACTUAL irrigation ----------------------> 5 lakh acres

induku kavali maku TELANGANA


PROPSED IRRIGATION ----------------------> 15 lakh acres

ACTUAL IRRIGATION-------------------------> 6 lakh acres



TELANGANA -----------------------------------> 1154 TMC

NET UTILISATION -----------------------------> 100 TMC

induku kavali MAKU TELANGANA


vurke notikochchindani JAI TELANGANA ANATLE 56 years ga telangana ki jarugu tunnadi anyayam ane antunna JAI TELANGANA ani


  • Guest
  • fhio wrote on April 2014

correct vaya

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