Being a Teen vs. Being a Toddler

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Difference between Teen and Toddler

Human life implies several stages of development, each responsible for continuing to form us as unique individuals. From two combined cells to a tiny body clinging to the umbilical cord for nutrients to survive in the womb to a toddler; from that stage to childhood, teenage, adulthood and old age - each is presented as an important step which takes us through the cycle of life. The road is quite long and there are many things to learn along the way. Parents have a significant role in this apprenticeship, but as children we need to start making decisions in order to be able to build our own characters and become a part of society.


Physical changes

A toddler is a young child which can surpass basic locomotion to learn how to walk. This is possible from an age between 12 to 18 months. At this stage, he is more aware of his surroundings and can identify the persons in the family. A toddler should no longer be breastfed as he is able to eat other types of food independently. This is a time for exploration so the toddler experiments with the textures such as different mashed fruits and vegetables along with crushed cereals. Teenage years mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. Being an intermediary process, a teen’s appearance begins to look more like that of an adult. For girls, the main physiological changes involve breasts growth, start of period cycle, while for boys voice alters and face hair grows. All of these are due to increased hormonal activity.

Psychological changes

A toddler is very emotional and can express this by showing a lot of energy in its outbursts. It is a normal phase he goes through so parents needn't worry. Instead finding ways to calm him down are advisable as teaches self discipline and builds a style of logic in his budding mind. Self-recognition is another defining moment in a toddler’s life. It implies self-acknowledgment as a separate human being with its own desires and thoughts. Language skills begin to develop at this moment in time. Their vocabulary is based on a few basic words learned from parents. They can reproduce and associate them with actual persons and objects. A teen also embarks on a journey towards self-discovery. He is able to increase his level of understanding of the world’s mechanics. Abstract thinking is being thoroughly developed which why parental involvement is so critical in helping the teen make informed decisions on how the world works, why emotions are important, why empathy and sympathy are important and why we need to become responsible for our own futures. It is a time when teens try to search for social identity within a group but also as individuals.


Parents are responsible for most decisions for a toddler related to its well-being, health and harmonious development. A teen has more responsibilities in a household as well as in school or as part of a group. These are ways to build up one’s character and evolve into a mature individual.   


  • A toddler is a young child aged more than 12 months able to learn how to walk and eat by himself, while a teen is a person transitioning into adulthood undergoing various appearance changes according to gender.
  • Psychological changes imply language skills improvement, emotions awareness for a toddler, while for a teen they generally revert to abstract thinking, social identity.
  • A toddler is in parents’ responsibility. A teen has more responsibilities as part of a social structure though parental involvement will have long lasting effects.


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