New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat: Is it hot in here?

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Difference between The New York Knicks and The Miami Heat

In a game marked by heated disputes and longtime rivalries, none have been of so much interest as the one between the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat. Two of the most accomplished veterans in basketball, the two teams have been locked in a fierce battle for supremacy for a number of years now, a battle that has been most notable for a series of intensely contested playoffs from 1997 to 2000. Which team is your pick? This comparison article many help you decide!

The New York Knicks
The Miami Heat


The New York Knicks are actually named “The New York Knickerbockers”. The team was one of the founding members of the Basketball Association of America, which it helped establish in 1946. The Knicks would later join the NBA after the merging of BAA and the National Basketball League. The team has the distinction of being one of only two teams of the NBA that is still based in its original city. The Miami Heat for its part is a Miami, Florida, basketball team that belongs to the Southeast Division of the NBA Eastern Conference. The owner of the team is Micky Arison, and its coach is Erik Spoelstra. Noted Hall of Fame coach Pat Riley manages the team.

Championships Wins

The New York Knicks has won the championship two times, having beaten out the Lakers in 1970 and 1972. In both games, Willis Reed was given the MVP award. One of Miami Heat’s claims to fame was making the playoffs 13 times out of the total 21 seasons. Even more impressive was its win of seven division titles. The Heat also won the NBA Finals in 2006. Playing against the Dallas Mavericks, the Heat won 4 – 2 with Dwyane Wade adjudged the MVP.

Notable Players

The New York Knicks has had a pretty impressive roster over the years, with many of its players having managed to enter the basketball Hall Of Fame. Among these notable players are Walt Bellamy, Bill Bradley, Dick McGuire, Dave DeBusschere, Walt Frazier, Harry Gallatin, Tom Gola, Patrick Ewing, Jerry Lucas, Earl Monroe, Willis Reed and Phil Jackson. Both teams also played under the direction of colorful coach Pat Riley, whose focus on defense brought both teams to victory at various times. One of the most notable players of the Heat was Tim Hardaway, who during his tenure was the team leader in three point field goals with a total of 806. Hardaway was also responsible for taking the team to victory over numerous seasons throughout his career. Shaquille O'Neal is another notable member of the Heat, having been instrumental in the team’s rise to the Conference Finals, in which the team won against the Dallas Mavericks.


New York Knicks

  • Official name is the “The New York Knickerbockers”
  • Started out in the Basketball Association Of America in 1946
  • One of only two NBA teams that are still based in it original city

Miami Heat

  • Belongs to the Southeast Division of the NBA Eastern Conference
  • Made the playoffs 13 times out of seven
  • Won the NBA finals in 2006

Who will likely win the championship this year?
  • The New York Knicks
  • The Miami Heat

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