Straight Leg Jeans vs. Bootcut Jeans

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Difference between Straight Leg Jeans and Bootcut Jeans

Jeans have been for many decades the comfortable and fashionable apparel each woman needs to have in her dressing. Since early times until recent years, jeans have known a spectacular rise to fame and have gained their place on the runways all around the world. This is mainly due to the attention designers began to give to jeans as a defining element of woman femininity. Various cuts complement the silhouette and can be used to create different looks ranging from casual to elegant. It’s all just a matter of choice and availability to mix and match. Get to know more on different styles from the following lines.


Straight leg jeans have a uniform cut from waist to bottom. Low waist or high waist styles are available for this type of jeans. Many denim fabrics are suited to manufacture them from light colored ones to dark colored. They also feature different textures from washed to single tone jeans. Boot cut jeans show a bit of flare from below the knee to the bottom. This can better envelop boots to create a casual look. Boot cut jeans come in low-waist and high-waist cuts.

How to wear

Straight leg jeans can be matched to high heels, a white shirt and a simple leather bag for a smart clean office look. For a more casual look you can wear your straight leg jeans with tennis shoes and a polo t-shirt. Boot cut jeans can fit better in a casual carefree look comprising leather boots, loose shoulder bags and baby-doll tops or hippie colorful blouses. For a picnic or a walk in the park, this is the perfect outdoor look. In chilly times you can add a hand knitted cardigan and a floral scarf for a romantic touch. For more styling options you can always go online to get your inspiration. Many websites also let you mix different clothes with jeans to find the perfect combination. You can shop the look immediately as it links to websites offering those items for sale.

Figure match

Straight leg jeans create the impression of a taller silhouette through its lines. It’s the look shorter persons should approach and use to their advantage. To enhance this optical effect, you should also wear high-heels and tops with clear vertical cuts. Boot cut jeans are recommended when trying to hide a curvier figure as there is a balance created between the thighs and the flare at the bottom.


  • Straight leg jeans are uniformly cut along a straight line, while boot cut jeans feature a bit of flare from the knee down to envelop the boots.
  • Straight leg jeans are better fitted to a more formal look; boot cut jeans can be worn as part of a casual look
  • Straight leg jeans make a person taller; while boot cut jeans help to hide curvier silhouettes.

Which jeans is more trendier?
  • Straight Leg Jeans
  • Bootcut Jeans

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