Adolf Hitler vs. Joseph Stalin

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Difference between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

Although both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler are remembered world over as notorious individuals responsible for the murder of millions of innocent 20th century civilians and soldiers, they are also distinctive historical figures in their own rights and there are enough similarities between them to warrant frequent comparisons. Both were very charismatic figures for starters, and both were reviled and admired in almost equal measure. Both were also responsible for massive numbers of needless deaths and the immense suffering and of millions of people either directly or indirectly, and they changed the course of history in significant ways. Let's take a look at what else they have in common and how they differ.

Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin

In Brief

Adolf Hitler’s main claim to fame was his role as the leader of the Third Reich. He was also one of the key leaders of the Nazi party and it was these dual roles that made him so instrumental in the outbreak of World War II. Joseph Stalin for his part was the leader of the Soviet Union until 1953 and he was largely responsible for the Great Purges of 1937 and the collectivization in Russia that resulted in millions of deaths in his own country.


Both men took advantage of increasingly turbulent political climates in their respective countries in order to assume positions of power. The main differences are that Hitler assumed control through a mostly democratic process and slow political maneuverings, while Stalin had to contend with numerous political adversaries, which he did so by forging–and subsequently breaking–key alliances.

Power - In the Details

Hitler first enlisted the German Workers Party in 1919, and it wasn't long before he transformed it into the Nazi Party and assumed the leadership role. By the 1930s, the party had evolved into a formidable political force and Hitler was soon appointed chancellor to replace the ineffectual Kurt von Schleicher. Subsequent political maneuverings caused the banning of all other political parties in the country and Germany essentially became a single party state with Hitler at the helm. Stalin on the other hand, was already an active member in an authoritarian state and he didn't have to contend with the struggle to gain mass acceptance as Hitler did. Nevertheless, Stalin did have to eliminate numerous obstacles to his leadership and he did this as the secretary of the Communist Party by effectively getting rid of Trotsky, former allies Kamenev and Zinoview, and the right-wing Bukharin, whom he used to get rod of the latter two and subsequently broke alliances with as well.


Adolf Hitler

  • Was the Fuhrer of the Third Reich and one of the leaders of the Nazi Party
  • Was widely blamed for the outbreak of World War II and the holocaust
  • Rise to power was much shorter than Stalin's
  • Became the sole leader of Germany in only 19 months
  • Joined the German Workers Party in 1919 and converted it into Nazi Party

Joseph Stalin

  • Was a leader of the Soviet Union until 1953
  • Was widely blamed for the Great Purges in 1937 and the collectivization movement which caused untold suffering in Russia
  • Came to power slowly and had to eliminate many contenders
  • Came to power in an already authoritarian state in which he was previously involved 

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin Video


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  • Blake Reid . 3+ yrs. ago

Adolf Hitler

1. Was born in Austria

2. Was leader of Germany

3. His reign lasted from 1933 to 1945

4. Committed Suicide

5. Fought in the First World War

Joseph Stalin

1. Leader of Russia

2. Was born in Georgia

3. His reign lasted from 1924 to 1953

4. Was said to have been poisoned which lead to his death

5. Was one of the three allied giants


1. Both dictators

2. Were both Allies then enemies

3. Allot of people were murdered under their regimes

4. Both were key leaders in WW2

5. Both dictators didn't make their country liberal

  • ShyannFaith:) . 3+ yrs. ago

True...but I think you should have added to in He didnt know what he did wrong..or that he didnt mean to do something so horrible...

  • Krystallynn . 3+ yrs. ago

Your defending Hitler?

  • chris . 3+ yrs. ago

your stupid to defend that idiot looser

  • Poor Hitler . 3+ yrs. ago

I agree, if Hitler know what he was doing was wrong, then he wouldn't have done it.

  • Charm . 3+ yrs. ago

What do you mean "if he knew what he was doing wrong"? He knew what he was doing because he made "Mein Kampf", which is about how Jewish people are evil.

  • ShirleyAshton . 3+ yrs. ago

Hitler's worse than Stalin was..

  • media1 . 3+ yrs. ago

Wrong, Stalin murdered more people than Hitler did.

  • Mario Cavett . 3+ yrs. ago

Hitler was mentally unstable like most Europeans and his serving in World War One didn't help matters.

  • Harry . 3+ yrs. ago

You're an idiot Hitler was perhaps the most evil person in history. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. I don't think the death of 4 million jews was a coincedence

  • bill . 3+ yrs. ago

your a jew

  • Harry . 3+ yrs. ago

You're a racist **** come at me fam

  • Harry . 3+ yrs. ago

That word said n a z I btw

  • bill . 3+ yrs. ago

Idiot. Shut up delete your internet you stalin lover

  • Harry . 3+ yrs. ago

I hate both Hitler and Stalin you mug

  • bill . 3+ yrs. ago

keep tellingur self that

  • Harry . 3+ yrs. ago

You're moist shut up. Go and praise Hitler you n a z i

  • brendan m. . 3+ yrs. ago

Well, considering how the far left is obsessed with egalitarianism, and communism is the ultimate expression of this ideal, I think Stalin did a pretty good job of maintaining a liberal country. He "removed" all dissenters, (and I use the term euphemistically) lethally, which is great for a society where everyone is equal.

  • Harry . 3+ yrs. ago

You're an idiot Hitler was perhaps the most evil person in history. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. I don't think the death of 4 million jews was a coincedence

  • Nada . 3+ yrs. ago

Hitler was more evil that stalin

  • Nada . 3+ yrs. ago

I mean Stalin killed more people that Hitler* !!

  • aaron . 3+ yrs. ago

of course he was worse

  • ShyannFaith:) . 3+ yrs. ago

I believe that Stalin did kill more and to make him look bad even more is that Hitler didn't know he was doing a bad problem, but im sure Stalin knew....Will you please correct me if im wrong.....

  • media1 . 3+ yrs. ago

Hitler knew he was exterminating an entire race, the Jews. Stalin didn't care what race he eliminated, any he didn't like was doomed.

  • Krystallynn . 3+ yrs. ago

If Stalin killed so much more people then Hitler and Hitler didn't realize what he was doing was wrong then why is Hitler still better known and more negative attention pointed towards him? ...Rather then Stalin??

  • myself\(^.^)/ . 3+ yrs. ago

because stalin was a ally

  • kika . 3+ yrs. ago

Maybe because he was so strongly racist about it? And besides, he did know that it was wrong, he just didn't care.

  • Katie v . 3+ yrs. ago

How did hitler not know what he was doing was wrong?

Putting anyone in camps or any sort of mental or physical pain is wrong with no real reason.

Can't punish someone for what they are born as

  • Mattias Östborg . 3+ yrs. ago

Both are just as vicious and evil. Hitler Did know what he was doing against the jews, he was the one giving the orders to cappture kill and put jews and orter foreigners in camps. Stalin also put people in camps, and the reason he killed more is because he had the power longer then hitler. How moore people do you think hitler would have killed if he had succeded taking over Sovjet union. Both are equally evil!

My spelling and grammar might not be so good because i am norweigian

  • media1 . 3+ yrs. ago

I will give credit for one thing. Germany did try to export the Jews but no country, including us, could or would take them in. They then resorted to extermination.

  • Bill . 3+ yrs. ago

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  • NunOfYourBusiness . 3+ yrs. ago

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  • Kerri Palmer . 3+ yrs. ago

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  • john . 3+ yrs. ago

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  • ShirleyAshton . 3+ yrs. ago

They both knew what they were doing.

  • Duane . 3+ yrs. ago

Stalin purposely killed 20 million of his own people, sent 18 million to the Gulag, 6 million sent to exile and almost starved his country into oblivion,whereas Hitler took his country from one of the poorest economies in the world to one the greatest in the shortest amount of time, hence why he was man of the year on the cover of Time magazine in the 1930's. He meant well for his country and people but had the warped notion that jews were inferior and only the Arian people deserved to live in the world. If Hitler came to power he would have eventually gain world power through war and kill off most of the human race. At least Stalin was keeping to his own. He didn't have the world domination complex like Hitler did. He only killed his own people. Both were evil!

  • Dr. Flargh Spiphzurghul . 3+ yrs. ago

Well, as I understand it, Stalin did have a power complex, but only for himself. Hitler wanted Germany to be the greatest country, but Stalin wanted to be the most powerful person. Both were evil, like you say, but what Stalin did was kill millions (not just "his own" as you say, but I get what you mean) for his own benefit. Hitler killed millions for what he thought would be best for his country. He was a lot like most politicians: he had charisma, an ego, a vision, and the zeal to accomplish things. He also had a fiery love of Germany, and that's what caused him to do what he did. It was still just as wrong though. He also killed himself, a sign of both his mental instability, and the fact that he was not as psychopathic as you make him out to be, a true self-obsessed psychopath would believe himself perfect, and would thus never commit suicide. Anyways, I agree with the thought of your comment, I just thought I would point out the, as I understand it, slight flaw.

  • tom . 3+ yrs. ago

They both suck

  • HAIL STALIN . 3+ yrs. ago

Hitlers k/d was worse than Stalin

  • Zach hannah . 3+ yrs. ago

Hitler is worse

  • John . 3+ yrs. ago

Both were out to dominate the world. Both interred millions in camps/gulags. Both had millions slaughtered, more civilians than military. Both had constituencies they hated. Both "meant well" as their distorted/sick minds defined it. They did have very different perspectives, but both led to evil outcomes. "Meaning well" but doing bad things is still an excuse we hear today even in in our country, and especially in the middle east. Politicians today accept bad outcomes of their own parties if the actions were aligned with the party lines, i.e. "they meant well." If they outcomes are terrible, they were wrong.

  • Lamea . 3+ yrs. ago

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  • Lamea . 3+ yrs. ago

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  • Lamea . 3+ yrs. ago

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  • Dr. Flargh Spiphzurghul . 3+ yrs. ago

Well, I think the difference is that Hitler did what he did for Germany. He thought he was doing the right thing for his countries best interest. He was also mentally unstable. Stalin, however, killed only for his own personal power gain. He murdered far more people than Hitler, and killed for himself. While the actions of both were equally heinous, I think that the difference is their reasoning. Hitler truly thought he was doing something good for Germany, and all Stalin thought about was getting power, not helping people.

  • Afro Man . 3+ yrs. ago

i dont believe in hitler, so for all of you skins, give me more head! HAHAAHAHHAAHAAHAHAAHAH

  • Black Woman . 3+ yrs. ago

Himself was born grandson to a Jew. Perhaps he learned the evil of the Jews(as being put) from the way his father Alois was created and ignored by his father due to Jewish religious ways and traditions. Suffering as a peasant and yet born a grandson to a banker, how else would he see them. He was angry with, more than anything. It was the Jew who made his father that started the route to ****.

  • Black Woman . 3+ yrs. ago

In comparison they are both with serious crimes as they are responsible for the killings of millions. Stalin, for the love of power he killed his own, Hitler, for the love of German he killed his own grandfather's own. Racist are the people who called Alois a 'kaffir' instead of son to their 'rabbi', wanting him to convert 1st into Judaism. Poor Alois, what was he supposed to teach his son Adolf about his own father(a Jew) and his people. Stalin has not been made popular because his own people never denied, they were never in denial when the killed by their own. Jews cried racism. Something they actually did on Adolf's father Alois-a mother less 4 year old. Look at us black, Queen Victoria was not half-black, hence we call it racism. Good day folks.

  • Gina . 3+ yrs. ago

Hitler hated the jews and thought they were 2nd class,beneath him. Stalin feared them

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