Wedding Shower vs. Bridal Shower

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Difference between Wedding Shower and Bridal Shower

A wedding is a tremendously important event in the life of a couple. It requires quite a few preparations to make sure things are on track like choosing the church, the restaurant for the newlyweds’ party, buying the wedding dress and the suit for the groom. At the same time guests at the wedding are making their own arrangements for the bridal or wedding shower or the bachelor parties. The idea of bridal shower has roots in early traditions related to dowry. When the bride’s family didn't have the necessary financial resources family friends brought gifts for the bride’s dowry.

Wedding Shower
Bridal Shower


A bridal shower is a gift-giving event organized by the family of the bride or by the maid of honor. Gifts cover a broad range, from home appliances to financial support for the wedding. Usually the bride attends it as the center of attention as she joins her female friends and family members. A wedding shower is a gathering where both the bride and groom are present. Their families and friends bring gifts which the new couple will use in their new home. As many things are needed in a house, there are many possibilities for the guests to explore. Inspiration might come from wedding specialized stores either online or in the city. Couples are encouraged to set up a wedding shower registry at a store with gifts ranging from the less expensive to truly fancy items.


A bridal shower as well as a wedding shower should also include games or other fun activities for guests. It’s a moment of celebration which should leave its mark on everyone. The organizer should think of something to involve all that are present. A theme might come in handy such as Hawaiian party for the summer time. If the bride and groom like to travel it might be fun to experience different types of food and bring gifts which the newlyweds might take for their honeymoon abroad. The gift opening might be exciting for women, but you need to consider men at the shower too.  Women like to associate products with life experiences and while they share the stories, men might feel out of place. So as an organizer you need to keep it in a specified timeline or to offer some sort of sports activities for the men to enjoy. Party goers always look forward to inspired words of love and friendship from those offering toasts to the bride and groom to be.


A wedding shower or a bridal shower should be held a few weeks before the wedding. When choosing the date and the time for the gathering the organizer needs to check people availability. Some may not be in the country at that time or might be at work. Weekends are best choices in such cases as they fit in better with the relaxed and sometimes romantic spirit of the showers.


  • A wedding shower is a gathering for both the bride and groom, while a bridal shower is usually attended by the bride and female friends and family members.
  • Entertainment of guests is very important at both the wedding shower and bridal shower.
  • Toasts offered by family members and close friends to the soon-to-be-wed couple is a big draw for guests.
  • Timing is essential to have everybody available to participate at a wedding or bridal shower.

Which shower is more fun?
  • Wedding Shower
  • Bridal Shower

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