Chinese vs. Asian: What's the difference?

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Difference between Chinese and Asian

Asians have among the most diverse cultures in the world. Asia consists of diverse racial and ethnic tribes such as the Mongoloids, Indians and Caucasoids. Asian borders in the West include Turkey, the Middle East, Kazakhstan and Russia, to the South include Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, to the East include Russia, Japan and the Philippines, and finally to the North is Russia. China is one of the landmark countries of Asia due its claim to the largest population in the world. With many achievements to its credit, this country has become a superpower. China is a peace-loving country and even though is has various nuclear weapons, it has entered various nuclear-weapons treaties.

Population and Area

Asians refers to the broad demographics of all the people living in different regions of Asia. Asian people refer to the people of Asia. It includes people residing in all the countries like south eastern Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar), central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) and East Asia (People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Mongolia) and Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Turkey and Iran of western Asia.

Population Control

The population of China is 1.338 billion, which is the highest population for any country in the world. Since the Chinese population constitutes the largest number of people in the world, China has adopted the policy of family planning. It has a one child per family policy. This kind of policy has not been adopted in any other Asian country so far. China has the largest GDP in Asia in terms of purchasing power parity. Although some families are allowed to have a second child, this must happen many years after the first child is born. This rule does not apply to ethnic minorities which do not have a significant population. It also has the 3rd or the 4th largest area in the world. Asia has 47 countries in total and Asians are 60% of the total population of the world. The Asian continent has 17,212,000 square miles of land. China claims 5,795,162 square miles of land area of Asia.


Democracy prevails in many Asian country except in some like Iraq, Iran and China. The citizens of China are not allowed sufficient political freedom, especially when state files a case against a citizen. We've seen images of  the suffering caused by Chinese suppression recently  in Tibet and in Tienanmen Square where there reports of up to 56,000 students protesting in a single day and initial reports by the CIA that 3,000 were killed. Currently, the Chinese government has opened the doors to international businesses and is busily setting up a green energy infrastructure.


  • Cuisines

    -If you are an avid fan of the Chinese cuisine, then it makes perfect sense to visit China to get a taste of the real thing. You can lay your hands on anything, be it shrimps, rice, vegetable stir fry or vegetarian duck.
  • GDP

    -Chinese people are also different from the rest of the Asians because of the GDP of this country. China’s GDP was $4.9 trillion dollars in 2009.
  • Religion

    -If you want to visit a country that was the birthplace of the Confucianism or Taoism religions, then China is the ideal place. The remaining Asian countries do not have monuments of Chinese religion. Most of the remaining Asian countries practice religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim, Christianity, Shinto and many more.
  • Communism

    -China does not allow much freedom in the press. The communist Chinese government heavily monitors the information allowed to be shared with its population. 


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