Victoria's Secret vs. Frederick's Of Hollywood: Best in Boudoir?

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Difference between Victoria's Secret and Fredericks Of Hollywood

For those with risque fashion sensibilities, two brands come up for consideration way more often than any others: Victoria's Secret and Frederick's Of Hollywood. The two clothing (some would say "unclothing”!) lines are some of the more popular ones around for ensembles that are decidedly naughty and playful, and arguably meant for private eyes only. Which one should you go for if you want to heat things up in the boudoir? This comparison article aims to reveal all! 

Fredericks Of Hollywood

In Brief

Victoria's Secret is a retailer specializing in women's wear, lingerie and beauty products. In 2010, it is reported to have sales of more than $5 billion worldwide, and it earns up to $1 billion a year. The company is just as well know for its product line as it is for its fashion shows, many of which feature the same top fashion models that grace the pages of its equally celebrated catalogs. Frederick's Of Hollywood for its part is a famous lingerie retailer based in the United States, and it has numerous stores in shopping malls across the country.


Victoria's Secret was formed in 1977 in San Francisco. The company is the brainchild of Roy Raymond who was a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Raymond actually started the company partly to provide men with a less embarrassing way to purchase lingerie for their partners. The first Victoria's Secret store was opened at the Stanford Shopping Center, and a mail-order catalog and three other stores were soon forthcoming. Frederick's Of Hollywood was established by Frederick Mellinger in 1946. Mellinger was also the inventor of the push-up bra, and his first Frederick's Of Hollywood store was opened on Hollywood Boulevard. The main branch of the store was later relocated to a bigger and more elegantly designed space on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue only a few blocks away.


Victoria's Secret made its mark on the fashion world with its selection of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products. The company later expanded its range of products to include shoes, evening wear, and perfumes. The famous Victoria's Secret catalog is published eight times a year. Frederick's Of Hollywood for its part has made its mark with a huge selection of bras, panties, corsets, and lingerie. The company is also known for what it terms "high end seduction wear".


Victoria's Secret

  • Retailer specializing in women's wear, lingerie and beauty products
  • Gained attention for fashion shows and catalogs featuring top models
  • Established in 1977 in San Francisco
  • The stores were designed to provide a comfortable shopping environment for men
  • Moved into U.S. malls in the 1980s
  • Later expanded its product line to include shoes, evening wear, and perfumes
  • Issues a catalog eight times a year
  • Offers a more mainstream selection of apparel

Frederick's Of Hollywood

  • Famous United States lingerie retailer
  • Has numerous stores in malls across the country
  • Founded in 1946 by Frederick Mellinger, who is also the inventor of the push-up bra
  • Carries a line of bras, panties, corsets, and a selection of lingerie
  • Also offers a line of high-end seduction wear

Which is Sexier?
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Fredericks Of Hollywood

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