First Class vs Business Class Travel

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Difference between First Class and Business Class

Traveling can be fun and exciting, but can be boring at the same time for more frequent travelers especially. People can feel excited about getting to a destination, but most people tend to dread attending to the details of a trip to their destination, such as flying from the Americas to Asia. Flights like these can take up to 19-20 hours and passengers often get uncomfortable sitting in one place for the duration of their journey. A majority of air travelers prefer to travel economy class, which is the most basic class, with basic amenities, that also has limited leg room and if you're a person who needs a warm cozy bed to go to sleep, then forget about falling asleep in economy class. However, airlines do offer business and first class seats, but most people wonder, what's the difference between the two?

First Class
Business Class

Level of Service

When it come to a level of service, first class offers the best service available, in most airlines, you'll get a private cabin with a all the amenities possible, such as a minibar, a 28 inch LCD TV, a sliding door for privacy and you can recline your seat all the way down, just in case you want to take a nap. In business class, you don't get a fully reclining seat, however, you do get a very comfortable seat with a 16 LCD monitor on average and lots of leg room.

Food and Beverages

When it comes to food and beverages, both classes are nearly equal, both classes offer gourmet lunch and dinner, you can have as much wine or champagne as you like and the airline attendant is always there to serve you. However, a point to keep in mind is that most first class seats have their own mini bar located in the cabin, which business class doesn't offer. So go ahead, you can help yourself with some bubbly, whenever you want!

Target Passengers

Usually people who fly first class are celebrities, CEO of large companies, very rich people who would like to stay away from the public eye, but especially the celebrities and those who can afford to shell out thousand of dollars per trip which can be four times more expensive than flying business class. People who fly business class are of course successful entrepreneurs and business people who want to fly in comfort at a decent price. Realistically very few people out there can afford to fly first class, business class is by the most popular out of the two. Flying first class is very similar to flying in your own private jet.


  • Most people prefer to fly economy class and therefore don't know the difference between business class and first class. First class and Business class can make one's long international journey a breeze.
  • When it come to level of service, first class offers the best service available. Although business class is not that far behind in service, when compared to first class.
  • Both classes have excellent food service, you can drink fine wines and champagnes and you'll be served with the best gourmet foods, comparable to five star dining.
  • First class is usually comparable to having your own private jet, while business class offers lots of comfort at a affordable price.

Which is worth the money?
  • First Class
  • Business Class

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  • Ronald wrote on August 2012

Are you comparing with the same airline? You are right however that for first class passengers, these are people who pretty much want comfort and don’t know how to spend their money anymore. Business class is for like what it says businessmen who flies using hard earned money to get more comfort against economy.

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