Lok Sabha vs. Rajya Sabha

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Difference between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

Parliament of India consists of The President of India and two houses: the house of people and the council of states, called the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha respectively. State legislative assemblies select the members of Rajya Sabha (by proportional voting); where as in case of Lok Sabha this task is accomplished by direct elections. When both the houses of the parliament pass the bill, it is forwarded to The President of India with whose approval it becomes an act. Meetings of the parliament are held at Sansad Bhawan in New Delhi. Let us observe the major differences between two houses of the parliament.

Lok Sabha
Rajya Sabha


To be a member of the Lok Sabha person must be the citizen of India and after reaching the age of 25 years or more, he/she should be mentally sound, should not be bankrupt and should not have a criminal record. As far as Rajya Sabha is concerned the minimum age is 30 years and the person must not hold an office of profit under the government of India. The remainder of the qualifications relating to provisions such as no criminal record and mental fitness.


There can be a maximum of 545 members in the Lok Sabha. This number includes 20 members from the union territories and 2 members to represent Anglo-Indian community if the president feels inadequate representation. Lok Sabha is formed for a five year term and is dissolved automatically. Rajya Sabha is composed of 250 members out of whom 12 are nominated by the president of India on the basis of some special contribution in various fields like arts, literature, music, sports, science, and social service. The remainder of the 238 members are elected by state legislative assemblies. One third of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire in every 2 years.


Lok Sabha is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha. Lok Sabha can force general elections by introducing the motions of no confidence against the present government. Money bills can be introduced and passed only in the Lok Sabha where as Rajya Sabha can just give suggestions which may or may not be accepted. The finance minister presents the budget in the Lok Sabha. During the emergency if Lok Sabha is dissolved, Rajya Sabha becomes the de facto parliament, which cannot be dissolved.


Lok Sabha

  • Lok Sabha is the lower house of the parliament.
  • It is the house of people.
  • Its members are elected in direct general elections.
  • Minimum age for being a member is 25 years.
  • There can be 545 members in the Lok Sabha (maximum)
  • Lok Sabha is more powerful with upper hand in matters like money bills and motions of no confidence against the government.

Rajya Sabha

  • Rajya Sabha is the council of states.
  • State legislative assemblies elect the members.
  • 12 members are nominated by the president.
  • Minimum age for being a member is 30 years.
  • There can be 250 members in the Rajya Sabha.
  • Rajya Sabha shares some powers with Lok Sabha but has no role to play in some issues like money bills or motions of no confidence.


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