Disney Cruise vs. Carnival Cruise

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Difference between Disney Cruise and Carnival Cruise

For most people going on a vacation, a Disney cruise represents the pinnacle of a family oriented vacation experience. Of course a Disney cruise can cost a lot of money and although you do get a number of welcome perks in return, the high cost has caused many to look into other vacation alternatives, and a Carnival cruise is one of them. Considerably cheaper than a Disney cruise, is a Carnival cruise worth considering at all? This comparison should give you a hint!

Disney Cruise
Carnival Cruise


Disney cruises are quite a bit more expensive than Carnival cruises, in some cases, costing about $1,000 more. That being said, it is easy to see where your money is going when you go on a Disney cruise and the numerous perks and benefits are definitely worth the added cost. The food is also generally excellent and unlike the Carnival cruise staff, Disney cruise personnel always strive to provide great service. A Carnival cruise is definitely cheaper, although you may end up regretting your decision to go the cheaper route. That being said, a Carnival cruise can be just as enjoyable as a Disney cruise, although there are some factors that may make you wish you had coughed up the little bit extra. 

Features And Attractions

One of the biggest draws of the Disney cruise is its private island called Castaway Cay. This should attract a fair share of the adventurous market, but the ship itself for instance worthy of attraction as well. There are actually different sections on-board for different ages, and the cruise is not only for children as many have thought. That being said, the Disney cruise does offer plenty of entertainment and attractions for children. The Carnival cruise is actually quite family friendly, and there are water slides for all ages to enjoy. In addition, Carnival cruise offers a "Camp Carnival" attraction that provides plenty of children's action in the day and up to the early evening.


Here is where the added cost of the Disney cruise makes a difference. Not to sound snobby, but the low cost of cruises such as Carnival cruise tends to attract a less savory crowd. There is always a lot of drinking going on and numerous people in various states of undress. This makes Carnival cruise less suitable for children, regardless of any attempts at family "friendliness".


Disney Cruise

  • Is more expensive than other cruises
  • Offers different areas on the ship for different ages
  • Not just for children
  • First-class service and amenities
  • Great programs for the children
  • Great food
  • Excellent customer service

Carnival Cruise

  • A lot cheaper than Disney cruises
  • You get what you pay for
  • Is also family friendly in its own way
  • Tends to attract drinkers and party goers
  • Food and service could use some improvement

Which cruiseline caters better to families?
  • Disney Cruise
  • Carnival Cruise

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