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Difference between, and

Today online websites accounts are the latest craze among Internet savvy people. They allow users to send and receive emails instantaneously. Many webmail sites are in popular now like, and Each of the webmail site has distinct mail storage capacities and offers different speeds to the users.


Rediff is the most popular out of the three websites. It is the only Indian website that has been included in the top most 100 websites in the world. Although this website has its headquarters in India, it also has an office in New York. was launched under the auspices of the Times of India group. It promotes this website under its online flagship brand of times Internet limited. is also not fully owned by the Times Internet Limited. was launched in is the last to be launched out of the three. It gained public accessibility in Aug, 2008. It is owned by Network 18 which operates it under the Web 18 brand. is the oldest web portals in the trio. It was launched on Feb 18th, 1997.

Public Equity

Seqouia capital also has a 10% stake in has a higher public stake as compared to and as it is listed on NASDAQ.

Ecommerce only offers mail receipt and sending capacities to it users. But has a more distinct personality in the form of allowing users to do city search. Although also offers some of these features like listening to music, watching videos and finding marriage partners, it has not been able to gain popularity like Essentially, allows for a progressive mapping of internet, so that the user is able to see the most relevant sites for any of his needs.

Shopping also offers excessive shopping facilities to its users like In fact, it is the biggest online shopping platform in India. It offers 30,000 products in diverse categories of apparels, jewelry, consumer durables and books. It has recently done a tie up with landmark to offer books to its users.


  • According to, ranks 9th among the Indian websites. does not allow users to use it in any language except English whereas offers that facility.
  • is the 8th most popular Indian website according to the same portal. does not have its own messenger whereas has its own rediffbol. Rediffbol allows users to chat in Hindi language too.
  • You will find that today everyone in India has an email account on It has 65 million registered users. This webmail has made an international entry as it is listed on NASDAQ. It also has users from other countries with only 87.8% of its visitors coming from India. The rest, about 3.4%, comes from countries like from the US and China.

Which is better?

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