Popeyes vs. KFC

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Difference between Popeyes and KFC

Fast food chains these days have become practically a necessity, especially for teenagers who seem to have developed a taste for such restaurants and young professional adults who are always on the go. The term “fast food” can be defined in quite a literal sense, as it refers to ready-to-consume food that can be prepared very quickly. These restaurants usually have their own specialties such as pizza, burgers or fried chicken. Two of the well-established fried chicken fast food places one can check out are KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Popeyes. Both have restaurants all over the world but originated in the United States where fast food chains thrive and flourish. 



In 1972, the first-ever Popeyes Chicken was opened by an entrepreneur named Al Copeland in New Orleans. Back then it was called Popeye Family Fried Chicken. It has since then undergone changes and variations in name, but is widely known simply as Popeyes. In 1993 ownership was transferred to AFC Enterprises, a company which formerly owned other food businesses such as Seattle's Best Coffee, Cinnabon and Church’s Fried Chicken. In 1952, businessman Harland David Sanders officially established Kentucky Fried Chicken. It began as a small fried chicken business in Kentucky that eventually became so successful because of its distinctive tastiness. These days, the acronym KFC can automatically be understood as the restaurant’s name. The KFC logo of a smiling man bears resemblance to David Sanders. 

General Products

Popeyes is known for its use of Cajun cuisine, which has also been incorporated in flavorful meals cooked and served by Louisiana natives. They serve Cajun fried chicken which can be served in many forms such as plain chicken or sandwich, and in variations of mild or spicy. They offer side dishes such as mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy, coleslaw, red beans and rice and Cajun rice. In addition, they also have Cajun fries, and with every meal comes a trans fat-free biscuit. KFC’s popularity lies in the recipe that their slogan “finger lickin’ good” is based on. The range of their fried chicken products is wider than that of Popeyes, besides fried chicken and chicken sandwiches, they also have finger foods such as popcorn chicken, the famous Twister, and even grilled chicken. They also serve side dishes such as fries, mashed potato, coleslaw and corn on the cob. 

Brand Advertising 

Like all business establishments, both Popeyes and KFC have their own ways of finding strategies to appeal to their potential customers. The name Popeyes can actually be derived from a fictional character named James “Popeye” Doyle from the 1971 film The French Connection and its sequels. Colors used in Popeyes interiors are red and yellow, colors which have been proven to enhance appetite—for many food establishments, the use of these colors have proven to be effective in boosting sales. Popeyes TV and radio ads have their trademark Love That Chicken theme song. The logo of KFC is one the most distinctive business logo’s these days, with Sanders’ face outlined in white, blue and red. Red and white are the colors used for many of the KFC branches’ interiors. Its slogan, “Finger lickin’ good” is one of the most well known slogans of business establishments and is easily associated with KFC’s pride for its secret recipe. 


  • Both KFC and Popeyes specialize in fried chicken products.
  • While Popeyes originated in New Orleans, KFC started in Kentucky.
  • Both have used the color red in designing their establishments, a color that has been scientifically proven to increase appetite.


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