Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail vs. Hotmail

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Difference between Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail

Getting in touch with people from any part of the world within seconds seemed like an impossible task thousands of years. Back then, people used to communicate with one another through a messenger. Whether the contact was a few blocks away, or thousands of miles away, messengers were the only way to get the message to that contact person. If something were to happen to that contact person, the message would not be successfully given. For that very reason, being a messenger those days was a much respected profession. In fact, kings had their messengers accompanied with personal bodyguards to protect them from any harm that might cross their path. But all this was too much work to just get a message through. And thus began the evolution of communication. Today, regardless of one's location, people can contact their friends and loved ones from any part of the world. A great way to stay in touch is through E-mail. 

Yahoo Mail

How It Works

E-mail, also known as electronic mail, is a mailing service available on the internet. It functions exactly like your traditional postal mail service.  You can send an e-mail to any location around the globe and once you click on the send button. Email will be available for the other person to read in a matter of seconds. What makes e-mail so great is that it is a free service unless you decide to pay for its extra features, but that is another story.

Getting An Email Account

There are various e-mail providers that you can sign up for on the Internet who provide you with free e-mail capabilities. Out of all these providers, there are three that stand out among users. They are Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. When you create an account with these providers, you will be ready to send and receive emails plus you can enjoy the perks they give out to its members.


Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail gives its member basic features that are essential in an email account. These are storage for email, spam protection to protect you from receiving unwanted email and the ability to synchronize your email to your phone so that you can constantly stay in touch wherever you are. But what makes them different from one another are their exclusive features that are not found with other providers. Gmail is the newer of the three powered by the world's leading search engine, Google. What makes them different is the way their mail looks. Instead of segregating your E-mail into folders, they use labels for you to recognize what type of E-mail that is. Hotmail is powered by Microsoft. They offer exclusive features that can enhance one's experience on Xbox live, plus they offer a feature where you can bundle all your 3rd party E-mail accounts into Hotmail so that you can receive all your E-mails in one account. Yahoo Mail is powered by Yahoo. They have one of the most user friendly interfaces and have ties with AT&T and Norton for download protection. Plus they offer unlimited E-mail storage for free.


  • Thousands of years ago, people sent messages to one another through messengers.
  • Today, messages can be sent within a few seconds.
  • Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail are three of the most commonly used E-mail services online.

Gmail and Hotmail Video

Gmail and Yahoo Mail Video

Which email is the best?
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Hotmail

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  • Guest
  • JACQUES RAJCHGOD wrote on July 2010

You need to make a distinction between two major critical concepts.

1) There is something called Internet access.

2) There is another thing called E-mail.

The two are unrelated, although they can.

1) Internet access: This is a "pipe" that connects your HOUSE to the web. Email has NO relation nor ANY connection whatsoever with that concept. The way your house accesses the web - is by way of your House's TELEPHONE NUMBER. Your Internet provider makes you ABLE to connects to the World-Wide Web SIMPLY by connecting your physical telephone line (or wire) to its WWW server. That's it.

2) Email address: This is a separate concept. An Email address is very similar to a HOUSE ADDRESS. A letter arrives at a house if the sender of the letter knows the COUNTRY, CITY, STREET and HOUSE NUMBER. The www is exactly that. It says "JOHN LIVES at GMAIL...or JOHN lives at YAHOO...or HOTMAIL. JOHN's address in GMAIL (or YAHOO...or HOTMAIL) is therefore, or, or JOHN@

3). The local ISP simply makes JOHN able to connect via his TELEPHONE line (or wireless) to JOHN's provider's www server. There - at JOHN's provider's www server, once JOHN is connected to his provider's www server, is where JOHN can go to the web and retrieve from the web his email. But, in order for JOHN to get his emails, he needs to go to the place where he lives INSIDE THE WEB - which is the GMAIL "cloud" or the YAHOO "cloud" or the HOTMAIL "cloud"...and so forth. Another way to expalin these concepts - is as follows: JOHN wishes to buy groceries. In order to buy the groceries, JOHN needs to ARRIVE AT a grocery store. ONCE JOHN has ARRIVED at the grocery store, he can get anything he wants. The concepts of Internet access and Email RETRIEVAL need be clearly explained per my explanation herewith, clearly separating the concepts of email and Internet access.

I think Gmail is the best mainly because it leads directly to the inbox

  • Guest
  • Henry wrote on October 2011

You can change the way Hotmail starts up, so you can make it load straight into the inbox, just like Gmail. Get your facts straight!

  • Guest
  • Henry wrote on October 2011

Hotmail - You said you hate Ads? and you don't like the start page? Then you can change it in the settings to open into the inbox straight away! You don't have a clue. Does iMac not support active exchange? Silly, active exchange is so much better than imap. You can also have Gmail/Yahoo into hotmail, while you view Hotmail! Spam filtering has improved since you did this view, it's all been upgraded!

Most people who use hotmail, link it to Outlook which is far better than Gmail.

You can Attach 50MB files, up to 10GB! Gmail is not like that!

Please next time find more features of hotmail and just stop saying all the gmail options that you know.

  • Guest
  • smith wrote on September 2014

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