Dual Core vs. Quad Core: What's the difference?

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Difference between Dual Core and Quad Core

When buying a computer there are a lot of things to consider. You have to figure out how much space you need, RAM, gigahertz and of course the core that you want. Well, if building your own computer or buying one from Dell, knowing some differences between these two will be pretty important for you. For starters, the difference is obviously that the dual core processor has two cores while the quad has four cores. All of these cores are on the same chip which means that they also share the same memory. 

Dual Core
Quad Core


Although you would assume that a quad core goes a faster then a dual core, one may say that it’s an incorrect assumption. See, although the quad core has four cores, its run on the same memory so although the instructions can be done four times faster, that doesn't mean the RAM can recognize it faster. Another thing is that a dual core processor can very well execute many needs that Americans face and a quad core does almost nothing now for any normal American unless running Linux or using their computer for 8+ tabs on the Internet, gaming, music, and various applications like Skype, YIM and/or Photoshop and such. 


The price of a dual core and quad core processor does vary from the company you are purchasing from as well as where you are purchasing the cores at. You can find a dual core for a little bit cheaper then a quad core because it’s older and of course the quad core is supposed to be better. A dual core can run you from $1 to $200 dollars in 2010. You are usually looking at about $100 while a quad core is more like $125 to $300. 


Now it’s time to get down to the “nitty griddy.” The performance aspect is very large because every operating system is a bit different. A Linux user will almost always find or have a reason to need a quad core. For those using a whole lot of applications like; MSN, Skype, YIM, gaming and having the Internet open with 7+ tabs, well a quad core is the way to go. However this is also to say that you have a good amount of RAM memory to keep up with all the multi tasking that you’re doing. A two core however is perfect for someone who uses 8+ tabs, writes and does data entry on their computer. Basically two cores are great unless you’re trying to conquer the world on your PC.  


  • A dual core processor is a great processor for many Americans who aren't computer geeks and don’t do more then a few things at a time.
  • A quad core processor is great for Linux users who need multi cores for various applications or if you’re a hard core computer user who does gaming, Photoshop, a wide variety of Internet tabs at once. 
  • The pricing of these two cores are difference but you can buy cheaper ones from various stores and websites. 
  • A quad core processor will be great in the future when bigger applications are made. 

Which is better for gaming?
  • Dual Core
  • Quad Core

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