Kindle vs. Nook

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Difference between Kindle and Nook

E-book readers have become one of the most important gadgets of our times because almost no one is left with any time to read books printed on paper now. Moreover, with the E-book readers, one gets an opportunity to browse through each and every page of the book as per convenience. The customers have excellent E-book readers present in the market like Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook Ereader.



The Barnes and Noble NookE-reader is a more sophisticated reader because it has a LCD touch screen that can be used to operate the screen. The Amazon kindle has a keyboard for this purpose. The device from Barnes and noble can be used to read books from your library or the books obtained from the Barnes and Noble E-book store through internet.


Internet connectivity is one of the most important concerns for the users of such E-book readers because it can immensely affect the reading of the E-book on the reader. The kindle has excellent internet accessibility because it has a 3G connection from the AT&T cellular network. This availability of wireless internet on kindle is called Whispernet by Amazon. The Nook Ereader is one step ahead of kindle as it also has a Wifi connection apart from 3g from AT&T. Now, the hitch with Nook Ereader is that the internet connection can only be utilized for getting E-books from the Barnes and Noble online E-book store. For all the other E-book providers like Wikipedia, this internet connection just does not work.


You must be quite desirable to make your pals benefit from such E-book readers by making them share the E-book with you. However, both the E-book readers don't allow any such sharing. The difference is that Barnes and noble have proclaimed that their Ereader does have such loaning facility. But the truth is that the book can be lent only once for a period of 14 days. On the other hand, Amazon kindle allows the sharing E-book with six people who are registered under you account on Amazon.

Similarities and Differences

  • Battery recharge.

    If you are quite concerned about charging the battery of such Ereaders, then go for the Nook's Ereader. The Barnes and noble Nook Ereader has a replaceable battery. The user can change the battery as soon as he wants. But this is not the case with the battery of Amazon kindle which will have to be remitted back to its manufacturer for replacement. This can be quite time consuming although Amazon claims, that such remittance will only be done after 10 years or 500 charges.
  • Weight.

    Barnes and Noble Nook E-book reader is an ounce heavier than the Amazon kindle at 11.2 ounces.
  • Storage capacities.

    If you are an avid E-book reader, then the storage space of the reader will also be a big concern for you. The Nook provides its users with an SD card for extra storage. But, Amazon however, has a huge memory to accommodate 1500 E-books at a time. The cost of the E-books is also low at Amazon library and the variety of books available is quite huge. This can make sure that you get a larger number of books at the same cost.

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  • Wynne . 3+ yrs. ago

The Nook has a lot of quality control issues they still need to work out. I also see no advantage of the Nook over the Kindle in terms of content. The Kindle still has more REAL books (the free Google books from B&N do not count as they are garbage in the first place) and magazines.

I am personally waiting for the new color Kindle to come out that will kick the iPads butt. The Apple iPad is still way too bulky and over priced. It's about content, not games

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