Canon vs. Kodak: Which is better for me?

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Difference between Canon and Kodak

Cameras are not just any other gadget. For many, it is an essential lifestyle tool. After all, it is with these cameras that you can capture a fleeting moment and make a memory come alive time and time again in photo frames, albums or on your favorite web page. For the sentimental, cameras are the greatest invention, because they somehow freeze time. Whether you are a novice in the world of taking pictures or an expert doing photography for a living, you are sure to have heard about these camera brands – Canon and Kodak. But today, cameras are not the only things with these brands. If you have considered these two names, then you should be aware of the points that make each unique.

Company Profile

Canon Incorporated is a multinational corporation in Japan that specializes in the creation of optical and imaging products, such as cameras. They are also a prominent name in the market of computer printers, steppers, and photocopiers. Canon Incorporated has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Kodak, as it is more popularly known, is actually Eastman Kodak Company. It is an American multinational corporation that manufactures equipment and materials for imaging and photography. Kodak was initially known for its diverse range of film products for photography, but today, the company is investing efforts in pursuing new markets, such as digital printing and digital photography.

Digital Cameras

Both Canon and Kodak offer a wide range of digital cameras with versatile features. They both have notable point-and-shoot digital cameras for the freelance and typical photographer.

Canon specializes in the creation of their own lens, so their lenses make up a good product range. On the other hand, Kodak’s background was with films and not lens. In fact, their digital cameras are outsourced to have their lens manufactured.

In terms of user-friendliness, Kodak scores better than Canon. Canon is made for the more advanced photographer who is meticulous about lenses. However, for the point-and-shoot user, Kodak is better, because their cameras are very simple, versatile and easy to navigate and the settings are really simple to adjust. It’s great for newbies, or people who are not technologically inclined.

Other Products

Although both Canon and Kodak have made names for themselves in digital photography, each business has ventured into other products which are less known to the general consumer. Canon creates laser and inkjet printers and scanners and Canon has a Business Solutions division which caters to small businesses and aids them with their printing needs.

Today, Kodak has lots of printing kiosks where pictures from cellphones and digital cameras can be printed in minutes. Also, Kodak sells digital photo frames, instant cameras, image sensors, and consumer inkjet printers and ink cartridges.


  • Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation. Kodak is an American multinational corporation.
  • Canon specializes in lenses. Kodak specializes in films.
  • Canon also produces printers and scanners. Kodak also produces image sensors and digital photo frames.


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