Apple vs. Microsoft: Which is better?

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Difference between Apple and Microsoft

People use computers to do almost everything they need quickly like reports, computations, projects and research. Through the years, the computer has evolved to a more advanced machine and therefore, it needs something more advanced to keep it going as well. The computer’s core consists of its operating system. This serves as the brain of the computer and currently there are two leading manufacturers of these systems – Apple and Microsoft. These two companies have been in competition for almost 20 years and up to the present. They continue proving themselves to be the leading providers for computing solutions.



Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation based in the U.S. which manufactures and designs personal computers, consumer electronics, and computer software. Presently, they have 284 stores open all over the world and they also have a store online where you can buy their products. As of today, Apple is also one of the biggest technological corporations by means of revenue generated all over the world. The Microsoft Corporation, on the other hand, is also a multinational corporation which manufactures, licenses, develops and supports an extensive range of computer software products. They are located in Redmond, Washington. As of 2009 (third quarter), they were ranked as one of the largest companies in the world, being third largest after PetroChina and ExxonMobil. Microsoft is also one of the biggest technological corporations in the world.

Operating Systems

Apple is widely popular for its operating system that runs Macintosh computers – the Mac OS X. The latest version of the MAC OS X is the Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard. Aside from their operating system, they also develop other software for their operating system, which is already bundled with their Macintosh computers like the iDVD, iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, iWeb and GarageBand.  Windows has a long history when it comes to its operating system development. They first introduced the MS-DOS operating system, followed by Windows ’95. Bundled with Windows ’95 is the first browser of Microsoft, the Internet Explorer. After a few years, they released Windows ’98 and which was followed by their phenomenal operating system the Windows XP. Presently, they offer Windows Vista (2007) which became controversial and currently promote Windows 7.

Other Products

Among the wide range of software that Apple develops, they also have a wide selection of gadgets for a great multimedia experience. They have the Apple TV (iTV), which can be connected to the Internet, by Wi-Fi and synchronize all media to an HD TV. They also have the iPod which plays mp3s and videos. For telecommunications, they also have the iPhone, which is a full touch screen smart phone with more than 100,000 applications. Microsoft on the other hand has the Microsoft Office Suite which has a 2007 version. Microsoft is planning to release the Microsoft Office 2010 version this year.


  • Apple produces Macintosh computers and the Mac OS X operating system and associated software. 
  • Microsoft produces the Windows operating system and associated software programs.
  • Apple manufactures items such as the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and iPod.

Which is more evil?
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

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  • Tom . 3+ yrs. ago

I think Apple's strength lies in gadgets like iPhone and iPad. Although Windows OS has much more users than Mac OS, Microsoft has not any other powerful brands like Apple has. Also, Apple has much more better marketing experts, who really know to make brand.

  • Spencer . 3+ yrs. ago

Apple products are pricy.

This is the price of the new MacBook Pro.

13-inch. Starts at $1199.

15-inch. Starts at $1799.

17-inch. Starts at $2499.

Vs a Microsoft OS computer; HP Pavilion dv6t Select Edition series

Starting from: $799.99

This is a HP computer listed under High Preformance.

  • Bob . 3+ yrs. ago

My use of PCs goes back to DOS and now running Windows 7. Problems with the OS and tech support are making me think of buying a MAC. AT 88 yrs of age the idea of attacking a new system is jaunting. Does anyone have comments on the difficulty of the change from PC to MAC?

  • David Adams . 3+ yrs. ago

I THINK, especially if one has an experience of older operating systems, the new computers and especially their software will seem much simpler, but conversely, much more capable and versitile than their older counterparts. I also reason in OS and Dos when at the keyboard; my wife who uses her computer much more than I, doesn't know what those abbreviations mean.

I THINK, the transition came as software was being designed to be more and more "user friendly", hence a revolution in electronics for the masses was started. We older people today must jump in the deep end of the pool and when we feel we a sinking, ask our grandchildren what to do, and leave the processor repairs and maintenance to the techy shop or garbage dump as may be the need.

My main problem with Windows based operating systems is that the scoundrels and ruffians that want to ruin my day mostly focus their malace on the Windows systems, not entirely, but enough so as a comparison, that Apple OS look really better for my isolationist life..., my next purchase will be an Apple. Apple was really the forerunner of Windows when Apple introduced "Logo" OS and "the mouse" that one could drive around the floor or whatever. They soon realized that any in-out periferal could be a tool and the First Apple Mac was born. All in an effort to make computers "user friendly". Not a bad start and maybe a good new start at 88 yrs. not so onerous.

Good luck and best regards;

David Adams

  • Tim . 3+ yrs. ago

I agree. MS OS forcing us to Windows 10 now and security of the system sucks no matter what protection you buy. If you do a lot, the learning curve is worth it IMO as is the cost. Compare this to always worrying about viruses and people accessing your IP address and info even though you have top-notch(?) protection???????

  • kim . 3+ yrs. ago

I have always been a Microsoft person but after buying a surface tablet 2 and having NOTHING but problems from the beginning, I am now moving to apple. I refuse to spend one more dollar on anything Microsoft.

  • Andrew B.B. . 3+ yrs. ago


I need a good, durable, up-to-date computer.

Religion is not a serious concern

In purchasing.


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