Arizona vs. Los Angeles: Immigration and Personal Freedom

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Difference between Arizona and Los Angeles

The immigration issue is one that has been hotly debated in the United States, and two cities that are now locked in a battle of wills with regard to the issue are Arizona and Los Angeles. With the recent Arizona state council passing of a bill that allows police to question people suspected of being in the country illegally, Los Angeles has expressed its disapproval by way of its own city council. Let's take a closer look at the issue and its possible implications.

Los Angeles

Action Against Arizona

Arizona’s recent passing of the anti-immigration law has caused an uproar in many parts of the country, but nowhere more so than in Los Angeles. The City Of Angels has made its opinion known by way of its own legal stance to limit travel to Arizona and to restrict future contracts with Arizona-based companies. The Los Angeles city council voted on the decision with 13 votes in favor and only one dissenting vote.

Personal Freedom

The bill passed by the Arizona state government was perceived by many to be an oppressive measure that may severely affect personal freedom in the United States. In fact, some of the more vocal critics of the bill have drawn parallels to it and the actions of the Nazis in World War II Germany. Still others have compared it to the practice sending citizens and non-citizens with Japanese background of interning Japanese Americans in the United States during the same war.

The loudest voices in this issue are from the Latino population of Los Angeles, many of whom fear that such an action is discriminatory to them and may lead to racial profiling. As a city councilman said, a person may be deported simply on the word of a policeman who feels that a ID picture doesn't match the bearer’s face!

Not Quite A Landslide Vote

In spite of the fact that there was only one dissenting vote in the deliberation to limit travel and commerce with Arizona, not everyone in Los Angeles is of the opinion that such a decision is necessarily advantageous. Arizona is a huge city after all, and Los Angeles has traditionally had a flourishing trade with it. However, the considerable Latino population in Los Angeles has made its voice heard, with an overwhelming 70 percent in favor of sanctions against Arizona.



  • Recently passed a new immigration law that makes it a state crime for people to be in the country illegally
  • Requires law enforcement personnel to question suspected illegal immigrants about their immigration status
  • Policy has been compared unfavorably to that of Nazi Germany and Japanese Americans being sent to internment camps during World War II
  • Opens up the possibility of racial profiling

Los Angeles

  • Banned by way of its City Council “most travel to Arizona”
  • Has limited future contracts with Arizona-based companies
  • City council overwhelmingly voted against Arizona’s immigration law
  • Not all residents are in agreement with the policy toward Arizona
  • Two-thirds of the state population feels that the Arizona law will lead to discrimination of legal Latino immigrants

Arizona and Los Angeles Video

Which municipality has more immigration problems?
  • Arizona
  • Los Angeles

Discuss It: comments 8

What's a better solution? If AZ is $1MM in the hole every year due to unpaid taxes by illegals, is it better to set up the entire population of the U.S. for a mandatory identification paper system or worse implants that are planned to eventually be issued by the government? I'm just looking out for me and my family here.

  • Guest
  • Native Arizonan wrote on June 2010

I really don't understand the **** talk. When we travel to another country we must keep our visa and passport with us. All we Arizonans are asking is that our immigrants be here through legal channels not through our deserts in the dead of night. The Mexican President even enumerated the penalties for illegals from other countries to the south of Mexico entering Mexico without going through their legal channels on an American tv interview. There is no free ride there either.

Hi Native Arizonan, I agree your views on illegals crossing border. But, there is a fine line between and law and personal freedom. Arizona's new immigration law would lead to racial profiling, there are different options to deal with illegals. It is a free country, personal freedom is our right not an option.

If you're not illegal, nothing to worry about..I can't see how the "risk" of racial profiling is a concern. Let's get up in arms about something that possibly could happen. Doesn't make with that if and when it arises but at least head in the right direction and stand by the law.

What kind of personal freedoms do we have if they are taken away by increased drugs, murder and crime in the name of political correctness. Racial profiling is a label that says, you can't protect your citizens because it might look like you are not being nice. Being nice???? come on....let's protect the good citizens who are paying for their share to be a citizen!!

  • Guest
  • Native Arizonan wrote on June 2010

As a third generation Arizona native I have a great respect for the Mexican people. In fact, most of us have those roots also. The element crossing our borders has taken a decidedly violent leaning in recent years. I knew the rancher killed on his ranch. It has become a terrorist zone because of the drugs and violence being imported. Our solution to enforce the US law on immigration has been supported by a huge majority in our State.

  • Guest
  • peggyfuller wrote on June 2010

Most Americans don't know that it is a Federal Law that allows any agent of U.S. government's policing agencies, i.e., FBI, to stop and talk to and/or question any citizen or person at any time. They do not have to be in the act of committing a crime, a travel violation or even looking suspect. The Arizona law is more lenient than the U.S. Federal Law! There is no racial profiling going on in Arizona. Do you know what happens to a person when they cross into Russia or any European country, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China without a passport or legal verification? We must protect all of our borders from all illegals, not just from Mexico!

Mexico deports more illegals every year than the US does. You go to Mexico from Arizona and are greeted by checkpoints, dogs and automatic weapons. The small company I work for illegal lied and falsified paperwork to get on the site, got injured, now we are liable. It's ridiculous. If you're legal, they you have nothing to worry about. If I was in another country, I'd have my papers, show them and move on. I don't see why the risk of "racial profiling" is more important than the safety and well being of the citizens of Arizona.

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