James Bond vs. Jason Bourne: Who's your favorite secret agent?

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Difference between James Bond and Jason Bourne

So many of the best action thriller movies are based on factual or fictional stories of the lives of secret agents who go on assorted dangerous missions in order to accomplish something really important or daring. There is always the thrill that the protagonist might be caught doing something he shouldn't be caught doing and there is always the excitement of watching him being chased by the bad guys who—more often than not—lose in the end. Another good thing about spy movies is that they are metaphorically like a puzzle, with pieces waiting to be found and put in their rightful places. Their stories are dynamic and interesting not just because of the secret spy element, but also because of the fact that they always seem to be based on something good and beneficial to certain people and not just on themes such as money or power.

Two spy characters that have found great success on cinema screens worldwide are Jason Bourne and his elder statesman, James Bond. 

James Bond
Jason Bourne

The Name is Bond

James Bond is perhaps the most famous and most adored spy in the world of cinema. For so many years, he has been the central figure for a string of films that basically follow his adventures and missions. Before leaping on to cinema screens, James Bond was actually a character in a series of books created by the writer Ian Fleming in 1953. Several writers have also written stories of Bond, some of which have been adapted into films. Some critics say that James Bond is actually modeled after Ian Fleming himself, as both have similar characteristics, tastes and experiences.

James Bond is an officer of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI5) in Britain. He is characterized to be a smooth, stylish and gallant man, who is just as well known for his spy adventures as his womanizing.

Behind Bourne

Jason Bourne is a character drawn from a few books written by thriller writer Robert Ludlum. Like Bond, the stories of Jason Bourne have been adapted for television and subsequently for films.

The name Jason Bourne is one of the many aliases employed by David Webb, who is a member of Medusa, a secret Special Forces group based in Saigon. It was after the tragic death of his family that he joined the group, which was known to be fully trained to be assassins. 

The Stars

Both James Bond and Jason Bourne have been immortalized into their own series of films.

There are more than twenty James Bond films as of this moment, making it one of the longest running series of movies that has ever been created. Many Bond fans expect it to continue for quite some time. Several actors who have famously portrayed the suave spy are Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. The latest was titled Quantum of Solace coming out in 2008.

Jason Bourne’s life and adventures have been chronicled into three movies, namely the Bourne Identity, the Bourne Supremacy and the Bourne Ultimatum, all of which were directed by Paul Greengrass and starred Matt Damon as Bourne. There is no certainty as to whether another Bourne film will come out, as Paul Greengrass has retired from directing.


  • Both Bourne and Bond are members of secret spy forces.
  • Bond is portrayed as a suave and smooth agent, while Bourne is perceived to be tougher than most, considering the tragic experiences revealed to audiences about his life.
  • Both have been adapted in fast action packed movies.

Which secret agent is most realistic?
  • James Bond
  • Jason Bourne

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