Amber Bock vs. Sam Adams: Which beer is better?

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Difference between Amber Bock and Sam Adams

Whether it be to watch a sports event on TV or maybe just casual get together with friends, nothing better complements these gatherings like having a beer. Beer is one of the oldest beverages known to man and can be traced way back to during the sixth millennium BC. Throughout history many myths and legends have been attached to the claim of inventing beer. The list of inventors include the Flemish king Gambrinus, Czech deity Radegast, Sumerian goddess Ninkasi, Norse god Aegir and Nart matriarch Satanaya. The Egyptian lion goddess Sekhmet is only noted as becoming docile after consuming vast quantities of red colored brew, not as its inventor. 

Amber Bock
Sam Adams

Brief History of Beer

It is only fitting that we know some historical facts our beloved beer. We all know beer is brewed, but what most of you don't know is brewing is an art of manufacturing that is the most ancient known to man. Around 5,000 years ago, the Chinese people adopted their favorite beer called "Kui". In ancient Mesopotamia, it is said to be recorded that brewing was actually quite the respectable profession and was dominated by women not men. Beer was considered more than just an ordinary drink in old Egyptian society, it was like food for the gods as it was used in various religious practices and was the highest form of gift a pharaoh could receive. This however changed during the middle ages as beer started to be consumed by all social classes and was part of their daily meals which has thus lead to how we treat modern beer today, a drink fit for many occasions.

Famous Beers

Countries all over the world have their own locally brewed beers that are consumed by millions of people. In the United States, Samuel Adams, better known to the public as Sam Adams, is currently the biggest brewery that has its largest number of shares owned by an American citizen. It got its name in honor a of man named Samuel Adams, an American patriot who is famously known for the role he played during the American Revolution and was himself a brewer. This American brewery company produces twelve kinds of beer every year. Boston Lager, which is the most famous from the bunch, consists of 4.75% alcohol. 

Another type of beer enjoyed by consumers is Michelob's Amber Bock. Amber Bock is sometimes confused to be a brand of beer, where in fact it is just one of the varieties of beer produced by Michelob. But take note, Michelob is produced by the largest brewing company in the United States, Anheuser-Busch. They are the people responsible for the creation of the beer icon "Budweiser". Amber Bock is produced using one hundred percent malt. It is dark brown in color, has an alcohol level of 5.2% and a lot of calories compared with other beer varieties. 


Sam Adams offers a wide range of beers but let’s take a look at probably the best they have to offer, the Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. Jim Koch, founder of Samuel Adams, made a YouTube video in 2008 and talked about the wine level complexity and the aroma of this beer noting some fruitiness due to the fermentation process. It it made with Bavarian hops and a slow aging process over a bed of coco nibs. He notes that many chocolate beers are not made with real chocolate but rather a roasted malt called chocolate malt. It is a costly bottle of brew but is well balanced, not bitter and has about a 5.5% alcohol by content. 

Michelob’s Amber Bock is dark nutty lager made using 3 unique malts including a roasted malt, caramel malt and a specialty malt. It’s a stronger flavored beer which should be consumed very cold and would be best with heavy food. So as far as Bock beers go, Sam looks like the better buy. 


  • Brewery is the oldest art of manufacturing known to man.
  • "Kui" is the first recorded beer.
  • Brewing activities were done by women and not men five to seven thousand years ago.
  • Samuel Adams is the largest American owned brewery.
  • Amber Bock is not a brand nor a brewery, but a famous variety of beer.

Amber Bock and Sam Adams Video


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